Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Modern family communication

While we were away on the weekend, I had fun testing out my new phone. We arrived and I did a Facebook check-in, announcing that I was at Bright (I wasn't, but that was the closest location I could find).

A short time later, my phone rang. It was Number One Son.

N1S: Uh, so you're at Nan and Pop's place?
Me: Yep.
N1S: You didn't tell me you were going away.
Me: Oops.
N1S: ......

I checked Facebook a short time later and was amused to note his most recent status update:

That awkward moment when your mum checks into your grandparent's house 4 hours away and it dawns upon you they've gone away for the weekend - without them telling you.

The next day Bike Boy and I were madly checking in at wineries, breweries and cafes, complete with phone pics and thinking ourselves pretty clever for old folks. Son's next status update was this:

Slightly disturbed my parents are all over it on checking in and posting photos up on fb..

Good to know he has such a low opinion of our technological capabilities.


Clara said...

This is why I refuse to friend my Mom. ;)

Kek said...

We figure it's the only way we know where he is and what he's up to. Especially since he often doesn't come home after a night out. He's cool with it.

The younger two won't friend me. Little rotters.

Magda said...


LizN said...

Ha ha :)

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