Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Not the Bucket List

I've decided that January is to be the Month of Getting Stuff Done. I'm on holidays, so I have plenty of time available for doing, unlike the frantic state of affairs over recent weeks. Of course, as we all know, it's very easy to decide to do things, but unless you get on with it, time just slips away and you end up achieving very little.

So in the interests of making myself accountable, I'm using one of my all-time favourite tools to ensure that there's less talk and more action: The list!

My list could be endless, since there's a ton of stuff I want to achieve, but I'm using some simple maths to avoid that. Today is the 4th, which means that there are twenty-seven days left in the month, so I've come up with a list of twenty-seven items. One a day isn't likely to become overwhelming and result in my doing three or four of the things on the list, then having panic set in and spending the rest of the month practising my world-famous avoidance and procrastination techniques. Famous last words, maybe...?

Some of these things are home or business organisation stuff, a few fitness-related, but many are just little personal treats that I never seem to find the time for. Here goes:

1. Dismantle the Christmas tree and pack away all the decorations. This is one thing I always procrastinate about. I haaaate doing this!

2. Take stock of my supplements and go shopping for whatever I need.

3. Spend a day helping Mum re-pot her eleven thousand orchids. Her arthritis is so bad she can’t do it alone. This one’s already organised for today, so I’ll be crossing it off the list very shortly.

4. Book a weekend away. I was given a gift voucher for a swanky country retreat for my birthday, and need to decide on a date and lock it in. Mmm, a decadent weekend away, can't wait!

5. Clean out the fridge. *sigh* It has to be done.

6. Buy a new pair of cross-trainers. My current ones are LONG past their prime.

7. Plant the garden bed outside my studio. I'm fed up with looking at the Colorbond fence.

8. Go to the movies with Bike Boy. We don't do this often enough. We have Gold Class tickets, so there’s no excuse!

9. Do an outdoor training session. Even with my limitations, I’m sure I can manage something reasonably challenging. I love training outdoors, and it's been way too long.

10. Get a new piece of glass cut for a framed print in the lounge. It's way overdue, the old one's been cracked for years.

11. Top up the mulch on the garden beds, front and back. I have a head start on this one, since I did two beds earlier this week.

12. Get outdoors in the evening and take some decent shots of the local wildlife.

13. Cook a romantic dinner for two. This will require perfect timing, to make sure we’re actually alone for once. Candlelit meals are not all that romantic with the sounds of Call of Duty in the background.

14. Find a printer whose prices are reasonable for some downloaded artwork I want to frame.

15. Finish sanding, staining and sealing the outdoor bar.

16. Clean up my studio/office. The filing is out of control, and the room has become a dumping ground for household flotsam.

17. Book in a relaxing one-hour massage. Another birthday gift voucher. Spoiled, wasn't I?

18. Reorganise the pantry. I swear I did this only a few months ago...HOW did it get so messy?

19. Sort through my fitness equipment, books and DVDs and list anything I don’t use on eBay.

20. Visit the orchard/berry farm just up the road and pick up some fresh local produce. Then cook something fabulous with it.

21. Get myself to the optometrist for a check up. I desperately need new reading glasses. (Bah!)

22. Spend a day with my bestie. Shopping, movie, lunch…don’t know yet. She’s working full time through January, so I’ll have to see when she’s free and what time she has available.

23. Come up with a rough business plan outline, as per my
January “actions” post.

24. Finish off
the half-restored cabinet I've had in the garage since late September. The clutter of paint cans, tools, drop sheets, rags and general crap is driving Bike Boy mad.

25. Track down a decent Pilates DVD. (Recommendations?)

26. Write out a training program for myself. Or shamelessly copy somebody else's - either is perfectly fine.

27. Read at least two books.

That lot should keep me busy.


Sue said...

Hey Kek, when your got your list for Ebay can you let me know so I can check it out and bid ;)

Unknown said...

Don't you just love lists? They are my all time favourite organisational device!

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