Saturday, January 08, 2011

Progressing nicely

At the end of the first week, I thought I'd better do a quick review of my progress on my holiday list. Here's what I've completed so far:

1. Dismantle the Christmas tree and pack away all the decorations. - Of COURSE, five minutes after I stacked all the boxes back in the garage, I found a couple of extra things from around the house that I'd missed.

2. Take stock of my supplements and go shopping for whatever I need. Magnesium and evening primrose oil was all...I'm well stocked up on everything else.

3. Spend a day helping Mum re-pot her eleven thousand orchids. Man, was that a marathon effort! Eight hours of solid, back-breaking work, less a one-hour break for lunch and to go buy some more potting mix.

5. Clean out the fridge. All I can say is Blah!

12. Get outdoors in the evening and take some decent shots of the local wildlife. Did this a few nights ago, here's the evidence:

Don't know about decent; It was extremely windy and I had difficulty hand-holding the camera with my telezoom lens.

13. Cook a romantic dinner for two.
"Romantic" is subjective. Since three out of three kids were home, I fed them and told them to bugger off to their rooms. We had a peaceful and delicious meal, and it was nice... I'll post the recipe shortly too, as part of my January cooking challenge.

16. Clean up my studio/office.
There's one pile of papers still to sort and file, but I'm calling it done anyway.

17. Book in a relaxing one-hour massage.
Got this one locked in for the week after next.

25. Track down a decent Pilates DVD.
I've ordered one, still looking at a few others though.

And these are organised or underway:
8. Go to the movies with Bike Boy. Tickets are booked and we're all set for a night out tonight.

21. Get myself to the optometrist for a check up. Booked in for the week after next.

27. Read at least two books I've finished one and am onto number two already.

All going to plan. :)

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Cherub said...

You have been busy - you're putting me to shame!

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