Monday, January 10, 2011


I've been moaning about my crappy phone for months now, but I was locked into a contract until February, with no chance of an immediate upgrade. I was also unhappy with my plan, because T3lstra only offered very rudimentary internet services for nix, and I was constantly exceeding my limit, just by checking Facebook or eBay once or twice a day. Hey, you've gotta amuse yourself at work somehow, and Big Brother keeps a close watch on our personal internet usage.

I'd all but made up my mind to switch to 0ptus, because of their unlimited Facebook, Twitter and eBay usage. My only reservation was their lousy coverage compared to you-know-who.

Enter my knight in shining armour... Bike Boy wandered out in his lunch break on Friday and tested umpteen phones, then screwed T3lstra for a cheaper plan than I was currently on, with more bandwidth than I can possibly use, and a brand new touch screen Windows phone thrown in. My hero!

He walked in the door that night and handed me this shiny new gadget. Excitement gave way to yawn-inducing tedium as he spent hours setting up my email accounts, transferring my contacts (more or less successfully - although I did have to email Sara and ask her to send me her phone number again. Oops) getting my Windows Live account up and running and showing me the basics.

I still have a few things to learn, but I'm very happy with it so far. I was so busy playing with Facebook, Twitter, photos and downloading apps that it was quite a while before I remembered that it makes phone calls. LOL.

Now I'm confident that when I go back to work, I can survive a day at the office without dying of boredom

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Vix said...

Aw Kek! You have made me jealous! I still have 11 months on my contract. Not that my phone is bad, it's quite cool, but I have finally succumbed to the pressure of needing a touch screen baby!!!
Have fun playing!
Vic :)

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