Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sharing the bloggy love

Post ideas are a bit thin on the ground at the mo... I'm actually having a few days R & R (which mainly involves lots of laying around on the couch, reading books), and my brain seems to have switched to neutral. So today's post is a bit of a cheat.

My pal Shauna is celebrating her ten-year bloggiversary. If you don't know who Dietgirl is, what rock have you been hiding under? The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl was the very first blog I discovered, way back in about 2002, and I've been following Shauna's adventures ever since. We share a love of chocolate, a dangerous addiction to Nutella, and a desire to help others live a healthier life. Of course, Shauna's also a talented writer and published author.

We finally got to meet in 2009, and chatted away over lunch like old mates. Here we are, saying cheese:

Anyway, ten years of blogging is a huge achievement. So head on over and say congratulations!


Shauna said...

ohh the jetlagged squinty eyes!
thank you kek, you are a legend! so glad all that bloggetry meant i got to meet you :)

Kek said...

The honour was all mine.

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