Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's the opposite of a control freak?

Remember my January List? Since the last update, I have managed to cross a couple more things off it, but that's more by chance than by actual planning or effort.

You see, after my doctor's visit almost two weeks ago, I decided that what I really needed was some serious rest. And whilst a lot of the items on my list are things that I enjoy doing, or at least not particularly arduous activities, there was a sense of obligation about them. Kind of "I have to do these things, whether I feel like it or not".

I thought about it, and decided: Bugger it - I'm on holidays. I'd just go with the flow and do what I felt like from day to day. Seems that what I felt like was mostly reading, taking naps, watching DVD episodes of Heroes with The Baby, Mad Men by myself, or Dexter with Bike Boy, taking a few walks and generally not doing much at all.

The result of all this indolence (and some quality sleep) is that I feel mentally recharged and refreshed. I also managed to have that 60-minute massage*, using the voucher I was given for my birthday, and my body hasn't felt this loose and relaxed for a very long time. If only funds and my schedule would allow, I'd make it a weekly event.

I thought I might get stuck into a few List items this weekend, but instead, we decided to head off for a few days in the country with the in-laws. (And thanks to the marvels of modern technology, I've been able to stick to my daily blogging commitment...)

I may finish off my list this coming week before I go back to work, or I may not. Whatever.

*I can thoroughly recommend Masci Hair and Spa in Eltham, if anyone in my part of Melbourne is looking for a special day spa experience.

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Kathryn said...

Massages are fantastic, aren't they. Sometimes you don't realise how tense your body is until you get untensed!

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