Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Deadly habits

I've managed to miss every series of The Biggest Loser so far. Nope, I haven't seen a single episode - mainly because of my general loathing of "reality" TV. So last Sunday's premiere of the 2011 series didn't even impinge on my awareness. Until the next day.

It seems to be the big (no pun intended) topic of conversation on radio and around the office. In spite of having missed the episode, I've pretty much been filled in on the gist of it. And now I'm wishing I'd seen it. Damn. Maybe I'll actually tune in on Wednesday...

Anyway, I was listening to the radio on my way to work on Monday and they were discussing the awfulness of some of the contestants' meals. Frankfurts with whipped cream? What is THAT about? Pies and beers for breakfast? HELLO?!

Yesterday morning, I heard Tiffiny from TBL as a guest on a radio program, and she was asked if she thought the contestants actually knew that the food they were eating was unhealthy. She replied that these people honestly had no idea about good nutrition, that they were completely clueless.

Seriously? I find it difficult to believe that anyone in this day and age can not have at least a bit of an idea about appropriate nutrition. There's so much information out there, we're bombarded with it from TV to magazines to school canteens. Kids are taught the basics in primary school. Even a kindergarten child knows that fruit is better for you than potato chips.

Or am I wrong? Is there really a large chunk of society out there wandering around in a nutrition wilderness? What do you think?


Clara said...

People honestly don't know. We do because we live with it. I've got friends talking about how well they do with moderating their sugar intake. Then I see 3-4 sweet treats a day in their meals. I see people drinking sugared drinks and being all proud that it's sugar and not HFCS.

I've got people angry about overweight people being discriminated against, yet in the same breath they talk about how they refuse to make food changes because it's too hard.


LizN said...

I had a client once who had Breakas and a couple of meat pies for breakfast. Our initial first step was to have one meat pie instead of two or three.

I've got the TIVO - so I can tape it and watch it during the day.

Cinders said...

Usually I would think like you but if you had seen the show and the calibre of people they have used this time around, you would understand. One family member in particular was saying she had grown up with a heroin addicted father who used to give her $2 everday to buy hot chips.
You can probably watch it online at Channel 10. Car crash tv at it's finest - it had my son covering his face and turning away when one of the guys was jiggling his enourmous gut.

Casey said...

Sadly I think theres a whole lot of people out there with no idea about good nutrition, but i reckon its mostly down to choice and culture.
Many people choose not to source the abundance of info available to educate themselves on good food choices to make their own life better, and for others, they are surrounded day in & out by a culture (friends, family) that does not place value on living a 'healthy' life.

Fifi said...


You can watch most of Sunday night's episode here

KJ Photography said...

Long time reader, first time commenter... :)

I was officially horrified watching the show and seeing the meals.

But 'I didn't know' is the biggest cop out of all time, especially since one of the girls in the show actually said, whilst eating Macca's, "I know what it's doing to me, so what's it doing to my son?" So she knows, she just doesn't care.

ss2306 said...

I don't think the issue is about nutrition at all. It stems deeper than the awareness about what they are eating. Although I haven't seen any episodes and didn't even know it was on I feel for these people who are obviously deeply troubled souls. I could go on and on but the sun is out and the pool is waiting but the bottom line is "the root cause is never the food!" It's not about their weight.

Unknown said...

I don't tend to believe a lot that is on 'reality TV' shows. Maybe it's the cynic in me but when they show a family sitting around eating a mountain of food and are 'surprised' with a visit from The Commando - I mean, really, did they not notice all the TV cameras? I can just imagine the producers telling these people to get all their favourite foods out at once to make it look like they eat it in one sitting. Of course, their diet can't be good - you don't get to 240kg by eating a balanced diet - but I'm sure they are aware of that.

Magda said...

OK my 2cents worth. Its not that they dont know its a case of "they dont want to know." We are bombarded with information about good nutrition in every form of the media but you can choose to put your head in the sand because its easier to do what you've always done or just eat what you believe tastes good. And this headset extends to the well educated and very aware person as well as those claiming not to be.

Harsh I know but the "they dont know better" argument was feasible 10- or 20 years ago. Not in 2011.

Anonymous said...


It's a load of old bollocks Kekmeister!

Fat people love an excuse to be fat, eat their fat food, and stay fat. Oh, and it's never their fault they are fat.

"Fat" is becoming a lifestyle choice for God's sake and frankly it pisses me off.

Smokers and alcohol drinkers get shit-canned from here to Kingdom Come about their terrible destructive financially-draining and deadly lifestyle, yet the fatties slide on by, grinning their forty-chin grins the whole way.

What a load of claptrap that some retard doesn't know that frankfurts covered in whipped cream is wrong for their body.

He should be slapped for trying to insult my intelligence.

Kek said...

Thanks for the discussion, ladies (and for de-lurking, Katie!). I'm off now to watch TBL, but I'll be back with more later.

Sandra said...

I agree with's never their fault. I've watched my mother in law slowly "grow" in the 18 years I've known her, and she's always going to start a new diet "tomorrow" or "next Monday" but there's always Christmas or Easter or a trip away preventing her from losing weight - it's never her fault...she's a victim.

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY agree with everything said so well by Magda and Kitty!

It is an absolute load of BS to claim that you didn't realise eating truckloads of any type of food was going to make you fat.

Shauna said...

Maybe it's different in Australia but here in the UK I would say many people seriously do not know and have not had education on basic nutrition from either parents or schools. Add to that the confusion food labels and cost of fresh versus cheap, processed food... it's a mess.

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