Saturday, February 05, 2011

Did we move 1500km north overnight?

Images courtesy Herald-Sun website.

No, these aren't photos of Brisbane. This is Melbourne, after 100+mm of rain dumped on us in the past 24 hours. Major highways and freeways are closed, several railway lines are out of service and parts of Melbourne had to be evacuated last night. Tropical cyclones Anthony and Yasi are sharing the love.....

Apparently there's more to come today. We're good here, just very wet. Thank goodness for living in an elevated area. Many people have serious damage to their homes though, as our storm water systems are simply not designed to cope with this amount of rain in such a short time.

I plan to be back later today with a post. If we don't get washed away in the meantime.


Debstar said...

On the bright side; at least you aren't experiencing bushfires.

Kek said...

Thanks for that piece of wisdom, Deb. LOL.

And at least the temperature has dropped today to low 20s. 99% humidity with 35 degrees is just nasty.

I'm sitting here watching the BOM radar and waiting for the next onslaught.

Kerry W said...

OMG Kek! When I first saw the pic, I thought it was a post from Raechelle, up around Innisfail, not from Melbourne. Glad you're safe and well though, albeit just a tad wet. :)

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