Monday, February 14, 2011

Digging deep

I finished reading Geneen Roth's Women, Food and God yesterday. It was interesting, and I'm keen to read more of her work. What was even more interesting though, was this:

The book prompted some soul-searching and got me sifting through thoughts, emotions and old wounds to get to the bottom of the reasons why I spent so many years struggling with my weight. And I realised that I'm actually OK; that I now have a pretty healthy relationship with food. More than that, I'm mostly happy with myself, my life, my choices.

I really could have used this book in late 2009, mind you, when things temporarily got really messy and messed up inside my head. Hopefully, I learned some lessons from that and won't fall so badly next time life gives me a truckload of lemons all at once.

Funny thing... much of the advice she gives directly parallels some of the exercises my psychologist set me when I was struggling so badly in '09. Overeating/bingeing is usually avoidance behaviour - something to distract us from the uncomfortable emotions we're feeling. I know I found this to be quite difficult to do at first, but tuning into what you're feeling and just naming the emotion without attempting to "fix" it, is a huge first step in overcoming destructive behaviour.

We waste so much time and energy doing everything but the thing we need to do, all to avoid getting uncomfortable, when uncomfortable is often the way forward.

I still have a way to go on my journey, but I know now that every single step I've taken over the past seven years - even some of the backwards ones - has brought me closer to peace, acceptance and ultimate happiness.

There you go. A bit of D & M for a Monday morning.

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The Stark's said...

Totally relate! I loved this book and all of her other books too - yes I've read them all.

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