Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I just came across yet another "tone up without any effort" gadget online. This one has escaped my notice up to now, I suspect because it's not available in Australia. Although, for all I know, it could be the biggest thing in infomercials here - after all, I don't watch daytime or late night TV, so how would I know?

Anyway, you have to check out the Shake Weight, just for laughs. The video is annoyingly slow to load, so I didn't bother watching the whole thing, but check out these claims:

• Shake Weight Utilizes New Workout Technology Called
Dynamic Inertia, which can increase Muscle Activity to nearly
300% compared to a Standard Dumbbell.*
• Scientifically Proven Results
• Get Incredible Results in Just 6 Minutes a Day
• Designed Specifically For Women

And it comes with not just a DVD, but a deluxe DVD!

Look! Scientifically proven results! And in just 6 minutes a day! I can't find any mention of the scientific studies this claim is based on, but I'm sure the manufacturers are telling the truth. After all, how could you doubt that shaking a dumbbell weighing 1.1kg would give you "strong sexy sculpted arms you'll be proud of"?

To make sure you really get outstanding results, you could wear your toning shoes and put a rubber band around your wrist whilst using your Shake Weight.

Meh. This Youtube video is far more entertaining than the official website one.


Clara said...

It actually is quoting several valid studies. Here's the kicker, those studies are done on trained individuals and measure small improvements in performance which are very significant if you are a highly trained individual. I mean adding and inch of vertical matters if you are a rugby player.

Not so significant if you are 50 kilos over weight. ;)

Amy said...

I know it sounds crazy, but I bought a friend a shake weight as a joke present for Christmas and I used it for about a minute and had sore arms the next day! o_O

MTB Girl said...

But it IS available in Oz! Rebel Sport have it right next to the magic rubber bands. There is even 2 models - a base one and a pretty white higher level one.....

Sara said...

You know I saw this on TV just a few nights ago. On South Park.

Please check this out. So funny.


Sara said...

oooo.. and this one!


Unknown said...

I've seen them at Kmart - had a bit of a chuckle when I saw it.

Fifi said...

here's another one you might enjoy "Addicted to shaking it " by my favourite hottie on youtube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Pi8RYVnM6M

Kerry W said...


Vix said...

Hahaha that video is GOLD!! Where do I get me one of those?? lol

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