Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Fab Feb

Since we've now waved bye-bye to January, I thought I should report in on how I went with my goals actions for the month.

1. Try out five new recipes and blog them. I managed four. I was planning to get creative last weekend, but it just didn't happen.

2. Move my butt six days a week. This one got sidelined while I worked on sorting out my sleep and resulting mental impairment. I did do quite a lot of walking, plus some other bits and pieces, but there were days when picking up the TV remote was about as active as I got.

3. Log my food. Er....I think I did this on a couple of days.

4. Formulate a plan for re-launching my business. This one, I made inroads into, and it's all going well.

At the beginning of the month I had grand plans for all the things I was going to get done on my holidays. I mean, seriously, I had a list of twenty-seven items to complete. Who does that? I must be a little bit mental.

Luckily, sanity returned, and I changed course midway through the month, deciding to kick back and just chill, and to only do the things I wanted to do. No pressure, no stress.

In the end, I managed to do fourteen of those twenty-seven things. I even over-achieved on some (I read four books, not just the two I aimed for). Plus I did a heap of other fun things that weren't planned, including going away for a weekend and doing a LOT of shopping with my birthday vouchers.

Am I feeling like a failure? Am I upset that I didn't hit all my targets? Nope. As I mentioned yesterday, I feel relaxed and almost serene; It's nice.

But with the arrival of February, it's time to turn up the heat again. Not to boiling-hot, but at least to a bit more than just tepid. I don't have any ambitious plans, but I will be logging food, at least some of the time; I will be saying no to alcohol; and I will be back into regular training.

Twenty-eight days should be enough for me to push my fitness up and the scales down. February is going to be fab!


Debstar said...

I'm saying NO to alcohol through February as well, although I started 2 weeks ago. It's not hard to do at all. I was doing a fair bit of walking but I'm getting a whole heap of sciatic pain. My body hates me, I am sure of it. It could not possibly be old age.....could it?

Good luck with the calm and relaxed, now that you're back at work.

Shar said...

You achieved over half of your list then kek? That's good and the rest can be re-assessed or carried over then right?

Glad you have your sleep sorted

LizN said...

Well done :) Here's to an excellent Feb!

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