Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feeling groovy

Today I seem to have found my fitness groove without the slightest struggle. I love days like this - especially since my week so far has been a bitch.

I took myself off to the gym a little late but luckily it wasn't too busy. I was momentarily peeved to discover that my ipod battery was flat, but I just tuned out whatever was going on around me and got on with it.

First up was some prehab exercises (and yes, I still get odd looks when I do my wall pushups and external rotator band thingies, but stuff it - I don't care!). Then I got down to some upper body work. I'm still lifting piddling weights, but I'm good with that...In spite of the girly weights, I managed to trash my back and biceps quite effectively.

Then I took a deep breath, stepped onto the treadmill and tried some gentle jogging intervals; just one minute walking/one minute slow jogging. I couldn't keep the smile off my face when there was zero pain. By the time I got through twenty minutes, I was grinning like the cheshire cat. I did have one twinge on about the fifth interval, but it wasn't the usual ITB pain, which kind of pulls diagonally above my knee, from the outside of my thigh to about the mid-front. This was a sharp twinge in the middle of the joint, under the kneecap. I crossed my fingers and prayed a little, and after a few seconds it disappeared.

I tend to land quite heavily when I run, with my feet making quite a bit of noise, so I paid attention to my footstrike, being sure to land a bit more lightly and allowing my ankles to flex well and absorb more of the impact, and thankfully there was no more pain.

Usually I have a major mental battle over cardio, having to argue with myself pretty forcefully to complete more than a few minutes, but today I decided I was going to do twenty minutes and there was just no way I wasn't going to finish.

I moved onto some glute stretches, some self-myofascial release through my glutes and a good total body stretching session. I'm looser, have a nice endorphin-fuelled sense of calm, and am actually pretty damn self-satisfied. Smug, even.



Maryanne said...

oh no not a flat ipod battery!

Kek said...

I know Maryanne! Luckily nobody tried to talk to me. ;)

Kathryn said...

It's such a great feeling to run without pain! My rule at the moment is equal time run and stretching. That seems to work.

Magda said...

Sending you a big high 5!

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