Monday, February 28, 2011

Help for Christchurch

I know we've all been digging deep recently to help our fellow Aussies affected by floods and cyclones, but please if you possibly can, dip into your pockets again and give a little something to help our Kiwi cousins.

Christchurch is a small city by world standards and as such, has limited resources. Emergency funds have already been stretched to the limit by the September earthquake, and now this latest and far more serious quake has left many folks destitute and in need of all the help they can get.

Remember, it's not just those who've lost their homes and belongings, but many, many people who don't have jobs to go to because their city workplaces have either been destroyed or are off-limits due to the danger of further collapses.

Whether you can contribute financially or not, if you're a blogger you can still help by posting a link to the global appeal website, which is here:

Even if you don't have a blog, please spread the word by posting the link on Facebook or Twitter.


Sara said...

Thanks so much! I think we are starting a new movement - 'bloggers for Christchurch'. Really, you must come visit, seeing as you are helping put the city back together! Once it is rebuilt, it will be the safest city in NZ, that's for sure..

Pip said...

I thought I'd delurk to let you know about a charity 'virtual' run (or walk or bike ride) a group of us in New Zealand have started up. Our fundraising page goes straight to the Red Cross earthquake relief fund. In short - on the weekend of the 12th - 13th March you dress up in red and black and go out there and do your thing then send us your race report, which we will post on our blog. We have people organising events all around the world. The URL for our blog is and we have a Run for Christchurch Facebook page which has lots more information on what we're doing.

Kek said...

Thanks Pip, I'm already onto it. It's a great idea and I plan to post about it later this week.

I'll go hunt out the FB page too.


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