Friday, February 25, 2011

On shaky ground

I'm sadly behind with blogging this week's been ridiculously busy in my world and I'm feeling a bit overloaded, so I've let myself off from my daily blogging commitment for now.

Unless you've been off visiting another planet, I'm sure you're aware of the tragedy this week in Christchurch, NZ. My thoughts are with everyone there, but especially my good friend Sara. I was very relieved to know early on that she was safe (thanks so much for the text, luv - you saved me a lot of worrying. xx) and she's one of the lucky ones with all her family safe and her home undamaged, apart from the loss of some replaceable items.

You can read her first-hand account of the scary experience here and here.

Here's hoping the aftershocks settle quickly. I still think she needs a nice holiday in Australia to recover from the trauma. ;)

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