Wednesday, February 09, 2011

On the up and up

Things are progressing nicely in my quest to rehab my dodgier body parts and reclaim my fitness. I had my third session with Melissa last night and the improvement from week to week is pretty amazing. As well as working more magic on my neck and thoracic region and getting into my glutes (can I just say: OUCH!), she's taken to doing some incredibly painful things to my feet - which has resulted in an amazing increase in ankle flexibility and a huge reduction in creakiness and pain that I wasn't really aware I even had in those joints. That's going to pay off when I get back to squatting....

I've also made a big effort to work some rehab exercises into my training and to do a little of an evening. The result of all this is that I'm getting back up to speed with my training much faster than I expected.

I got through an aerobic spin session on Monday with no complaints at all from my leg, and am back to doing a fairly "normal" upper body routine at the gym too. I'm keeping weights light and concentrating on good form though, aiming to recruit some of my weaker and lazier muscles, rather than to demonstrate impressive feats of strength.

I've knocked out a couple of half-decent elliptical workouts, got plenty of walking in, and am still doing my Pilates routine a couple of times a week. I'm paying more attention than ever to stretching and that's beginning to pay off as well.

I had been feeling a bit down about my loss of strength and fitness over recent weeks - I know it will return, but who enjoys starting over? However, there was some consolation in discovering that my abdominal strength hasn't diminished - even though everything else has gone to the dogs.

At this point, I'm feeling very positive and actually quite pleased with myself. A couple of consistent weeks on both the exercise and nutrition fronts will do that. :)


Shar said...

Nice one kek, keep heading in that direction and you'll be flying in no tine.

LizN said...

Hooray Kek,
I'm really pleased for you - I was thinking of you as I spent an hour with Coach Troy on Monday :)

(word verification - tossers!)

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