Thursday, February 03, 2011


I woke just before 6:00am this morning and my first conscious thought was: Man, I'm STARVING! My immediate second thought was: God, I hope tropical cyclone Yasi didn't wreak too much havoc.

News services were a little frustrating; it was still dark, so damage assessments were wild guesses. And phones and power were out in thousands of homes, so there were no real reports on the human toll. It seems that the city centres may have come through with only minor damage, but reports on suburbs and outlying properties are sketchy.

My thoughts are with all the folks in North Queensland, especially Raechelle and Michelle.... hope you guys came through unscathed with not too much property damage.

I'm off to trawl the TV channels and news websites while I eat my breakfast.

Edit: Thank goodness for Facebook - both ladies and their families are ok. No word on property damage, but at least they're safe.

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LizN said...

I am glad to hear everyone we know is safe and sound!

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