Friday, February 04, 2011

Progress report

Tuesday's post elicited a lot of comments... it seems I'm not alone in my scepticism about claims that people just don't know the basics of good nutrition. I have more to say about that, but not today. Instead, I'm reporting in on my progress with my training and rehab.

This week's efforts have been as follows:

Monday - Pilates and a walk
Tuesday - Upper body and some rehab exercises, plus another damn good working-over by Melissa.
Wednesday - Cardio at the gym. I tested out my leg on the elliptical and there was zero pain (dammit, I was hoping for an excuse to avoid that blasted thing), so I did a mix of elliptical and brisk walking on the treadmill for 25 minutes. I followed that up with 20 minutes of stretching. I also did some rehab stuff in the evening.
Thursday - Pilates and a little walking, plus physio.

I'm easing back into it and focusing on being proud of my efforts, no matter how namby-pamby I think they are. I don't want to push things too hard too quickly and end up aggravating my injuries, or causing a new one.

There are positive things happening with my injuries too. I've maintained the increased range of movement in my neck, and even improved on it a little more. My mid to upper back feels so much looser than it did and best of all, my ITB injury is showing signs of improvement. I managed the stairs at work today with no pain on the descent, and slightly less on the ascent. I'm beginning to feel confident that I'll be back to RPM and leg training in just a few weeks.

On the nutrition front, I've put in a stellar few days without any pain at all. I haven't really changed my usual meals, but I'm paying attention to my hunger and either skipping my morning snack or just having a small apple, because I don't need anything else. I'm also resisting mindless snacking at night and keeping meal servings reasonable.

Logging my food has been interesting - I'm only eating around 1200 Calories a day; rather less than my normal weight-loss quota of 1500 or so. Given my reduced activity, it's reasonable to expect my energy needs to be less than usual, and going by hunger levels, I seem to be spot-on with my food intake. I was very pleased this morning to wake up to my old friend gnawing hunger - that tells me that I'm eating the right amount and that my metabolism is beginning to stir and show signs of waking up from the snooze it's been having over recent months.

I'm making sure I keep up my water intake, and I have to say, the 4:00am loo trips are wearing thin.... but at least I know that it's all for the greater good. I've obviously shed some fluid in the past three days, with 1.1kg disappearing almost effortlessly and my waistband feeling looser.

On top of all that, I have killer DOMS in my glutes today. Ouch! I may hate the elliptical, but at least I can feel the benefits.


Magda said...

What a great report Kek. So many things are going so well for you.

I would usually "diet" on about 1200 cals per day and if you choose wisely its actually quite a lot of food. No idea what I consume now as CalKing and I have ended our relationship but the number on the sclaes is going down so I know I'm getting it right and I'm never starving hungry.

Kek said...

Thanks Magda. :)

1200 is extremely low for me, and I don't imagine I'll stick to it for long. Once I'm able to go a bit harder with training, I'll be adding a bit more food. For now, it's enough so I'm OK with it.

Kek said...

And I must add that consuming 1200 Cals wasn't a conscious choice. It's simply the amount of food I seem to need at the moment, based on hunger. At the end of the day when I log, it usually comes out to about that number.

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