Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Speeding by

The Baby is fifteen now, but he still loves to give me spontaneous hugs a dozen times a day, still tells me he loves me, and still gives me a kiss goodbye every morning when I drop him at school.

And he may be taller than me, but I just now woke hime up for school and realised that his cheeks are still little-boy soft and smooth and soooo kissable.

I wish I could freeze time.


Sara said...

He's a really nice boy, that one. Of course he sucked up to me big time by immediately perceiving that a person just off a plane needs espresso STAT. :D

Cinders said...

That's a beautiful photo. I always tell my boy how beautiful his skin is now (as a 9yo) but quietly I wonder what the years will bring.

Magda said...

love it. love it. love it. my boy is VERY affectionate too but I wonder how long it will last (he's 9 in April). i guess we just enjoy it while we can

:-) magda

Unknown said...

I agree Kerryn- if they could patent a method of 'freeze framing' or going back for a short time- I'd be there! Gorgeous pic

Debstar said...

He's a heartbreaker, that's for sure. I'm with Linda, it's about time someone invented 'freeze framing'.

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