Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What doesn't kill us

It's been a challenging week. After a couple of weeks of good progress on both the rehab and training fronts, plus a nice big drop on the scales, this week I feel as though I'm going backwards.

First of all, my ITB pain flared up over the weekend. I don't think Friday's oh-so-gentle leg and ab workout was the cause; more likely it was the extreme physio session I endured on Thursday night. At least I hope so.

As a result, I did zero training on Saturday and Sunday. Instead, there was a lot of sitting around with an ice pack. Monday, I got up and did twenty minutes of Pilates. Tuesday... oh boy, Tuesday! I woke up with a headache, a stiff neck, a creaky and painful lower back, and a bad attitude.

On top of that, the scales are being stubborn, hovering around the same number as last week and then this morning, deciding to add an extra 500g. Yeah, thanks for that...

I'm not going to sulk about it though. It would be nice if rehab always progressed in a steady upward curve, but I know from past experience that in reality it's often more like two steps forward, one step back. So I'm treating this week as just another (mental) challenge to be conquered.

I've had Melissa pay me a visit last night and un-kink various muscles (which may have contributed to the weight jump this morning - I'm pretty sore through my back, shoulders and glutes), I've done a short aerobic workout on the bike this morning, and I'll just stick to my nutrition plan, which I know will do the job. I won't tempt fate with any leg training this week, but I'll work in a bit more walking on the evenings when I'm free and over the weekend. The scales will have to catch up eventually.



Magda said...

your scales must have been talking to my scales. well if they keep collaborating you'll be ok as mine are heading in the right direction again.

LizN said...

Think you've just got to get the ball rolling - never underestimate the power of momentum!

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