Thursday, March 10, 2011

15 minutes of fame

Apparently, I may be interviewed by Runner's World magazine about the Run for Christchurch.

How hilarious is THAT? I doubt they could find a more crap runner if they tried.

Good thing all you need for this event is a heart of gold, not legs of steel.


Unknown said...

That's excellent Kerryn! There's nothing more exciting than seeing someone you know being a public famous person! I'll look out for that publication.xx

Clara said...


Kerry W said...

I'm sure there are alot more people who may have more legs of steel, but not as many with a heart of gold such as yours Kek. Enjoy your 15mins of fame. :)

LizN said...

Great job Kek :) Love your work!

Debstar said...

Oooooohhhhh! I know a (soon-to-be) famous person.

Kek said...

Looks like it's on. They're doing an article on runners supporting disaster relief thingies... not sure when it will be published.

They want to know about my preferred distance and PB. Bahaha! Can I say once round the block and snail's pace?

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