Thursday, March 17, 2011

86 to go

I started my 90-day challenge this week, together with a group of like-minded women to add a bit of support and accountability. It's been a funny mixture of a week for me - good on the food front (largely thanks to Bike Boy, who filled the fridge with delicious home-cooked meals before flying off interstate), but not so much with the training.

I'm tired and lethargic and can't pinpoint why. I don't feel ill, and I'm pretty sure I've been sleeping well. My back's been niggly, but I got that mostly sorted with the help of Melissa on Tuesday night.

I've given myself permission to take things easy in the morning and just work through a simple Pilates routine. Hopefully by Saturday I'll be feeling more energetic and be raring to go.

If anyone would like to join us in our challenge for some help and support - or a kick in the butt when needed - you can find us over here.

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