Friday, March 04, 2011

Blogger call to arms

At the risk of annoying the crap out of all my readers, I'm going to be mentioning the Christchurch earthquake appeal (and especially the fantastic Run for Christchurch that's happening on the weekend of 12th/13th March) a few more times. I promised someone special that I'd help spread the word. *waves to Sara*

It's an easy way to do something useful, and I'd love to see some more Aussie bloggers helping to get the word out, especially about the run, which is just over a week away now.

I'm re-tweeting and Facebook sharing daily too, and I apologise if it's getting repetitive, but there's always a chance that someone new will see my posts and jump in to help.

I promise to shut up about it after the run. Well, mostly. ;)

No matter where you are in the world, if you have a blog, please bang out a quick post to get more runners on board for next weekend. All the details are over here.

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Sara said...

I for one, deeply appreciate you banging on. I will also be linking to the Run for Christchurch because it's some people doing something different. And that's cool.

The thing is, with any disaster, people do get sick of it. We found that last time. Even within NZ people thought after a few weeks that it was old news and everything was fixed. :-/ I guess that's what the media does, focus intensely and relentlessly on the most dramatic part - the collapse, the rescues, the deaths and then... moving on. Reporting day to day on the grind of living in a post-EQ city would be truly quite boring viewing.

I can totally understand it. Even after 9/11 I was thinking after a few days 'isn't there something else happening?'

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