Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Busy bee

I've been so busy pimping the Run for Christchurch all over Facebook, Twitter and blogland, as well as on a few forums, that I forgot to blog yesterday. Oops.

It's fantastic to see so many people all over the world on board with this. There are bloggers and Facebookers in the UK, Japan, US, various European nations and even (I think) Hong Kong who'll be running for Christchurch this weekend. And of course Australia and New Zealand - that goes without saying. I'm doing my run just around my neighbourhood, as long as it doesn't pour rain. If the weather's awful, I'll be hitting the treadmill instead.

As well as that, I've been gathering some like-minded ladies to join me in my 90-day challenge, which starts on Monday. We're gathering over here, if anyone else is working towards some goals and would like some buddies for accountability and support.

You do have to become a member, but it's free and we don't bite. :)

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