Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Don't panic

The barrage of horrendous news headlines over recent months has been relentless. Death, destruction and tragedy, Oh woe is me. Normally, I'd be edgy, upset, restless and probably hurtling headlong into a major anxiety attack, but instead I'm only feeling slightly uneasy. And a bit cross with the sensationalist TV news networks.

There's something to be said for good prescription drugs. :)

Anyway, the doomsayers are having a field day. I've seen quite a bit of online talk of potential earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in Australia and what "they" should be doing to safeguard us.

Seriously? Living on a whopping great island that's smack-bang in the middle of the Indo-Australian plate feels pretty safe to me. There's a volcano about 15km down the road from here (and no, I don't mean the one at Smorgy's) that last erupted about 6,000 years ago, but I don't have a sudden urge to flee to the desert.

I worry more about bushfires and snakebites, and even more about being wiped out by some inattentive twerp driving a ute with one arm hanging out the window, whilst simultaneously texting and lighting up a smoke.


Shar said...

Yep kek, that guy must have been here in perth last week coz he worries me too! :)

Liz N said...

Yes the media sensationalize it all to the point where we become desensitized by all of the graphic images. I feel so sorry for our Japanese and Kiwi neighbours.


Debstar said...

The sensationalism is driving me nuts too.
Tonight a reporter pointed out an old man sifting amongst the debris. "This old man would have been wearing this same jacket for the last 4 days" he said in a hushed, shocked voice.
And I was thinking that if the old man is anything like my father he has probably been wearing the same jacket for the last 30years.

The reporting sucks. I will only watch the news on ABC these days.

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