Sunday, March 27, 2011

Drawn a blank

I swear I had a post in mind when I opened this browser window, but I must have a leak in my brain, because it's just oozed out somewhere.

Oh well. I'll distract you from my encroaching Alzheimer's with something shiny....

I was just browsing through some old files and found this extremely short video footage of my two youngest offspring from December 2002. They would have been.... *counts backwards on fingers and toes* ....10 and 7 years old.

Note how the youngest child has to be in EVERYTHING.

Untitled from Kek on Vimeo.

Good thing they don't read my blog. They'll never know how I've embarrassed them.


Unknown said...

hahahaha- that is so funny!!! Almost worth a 'funniest home video' place! I would love to see their faces if they saw this- your name would be MUD!!!!!

Kek said...

I may just share it on Facebook Linda. Even though neither of the buggers will "friend" me, their eldest brother or a cousin, aunt or someone is sure to point it out to them.


MTB Girl said...


Fifi said...

hahaha boys are a worry. Ethan posts his own vids on youtube. Hilarious!

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