Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fighting back

Yesterday when I woke up, I could have sworn that a bunch of thugs had broken in during the night and attacked me with iron bars. But nope, it was just a bad case of DOMS. (Plus a bit of post-therapy soreness, because I was crazy enough to line up for sessions with both my physio and osteopath on the same day. Nuts, I tell you...)

Then there was the extreme calf cramp that hit me just after waking - that left me with a limp for a couple of hours, and I still have a sore spot. Damn.

So what crazy full-on mega-training session induced this crippling attack of DOMS? Uh... actually, it was a half-hearted attempt at P90X Legs & Back on Wednesday, and then an upper body workout on Thursday.

I wasn't insane enough to attempt the entire P90X workout. I did about thirty minutes worth of squats, wall sits, lunges and split squats, and I took it nice and slow, not even attempting to do the prescribed number of reps. Thanks to my ongoing battle with my ITB, I've done very little leg work for the past four months, so the smallest effort inflicts massive post-workout pain at the moment. :S Glutes and quads were the worst affected, but calves and hammies copped a bit of a blasting too.

For my upper body training, I "only" did some lat pulldowns (nice and slow, pulling with my elbows, NOT my shoulders, and holding the contraction at the bottom of the movement) with a light weight, then a few sets of pushups and some reverse flyes, followed by supersetted dips and bicep curls. That left me with mild DOMS in my chest, arms and shoulders, but a fairly extreme amount of pain through my mid-back.

In spite of the groaning and wincing every time I moved yesterday, I was smiling to myself all day, because I know I'm hitting exactly the areas that need the most work.

After an intense and pretty painful session with Melissa on Thursday evening, I have zero pain in my lower back too, which is a very pleasant change from the past few months.

I may be a long way from my fittest, but I'm just focusing on how far I've come on this journey back from injury. And I'm pleased with the progress so far.


Sara said...

You can only take it one step at a time, right? It's the only way after all. Coming back from injury is always kind of frustrating, but one day you will wake up and go 'woohoo, I'm glad I stuck with it!'. X

Kek said...

I'm seeing definite progress, so I know I'm doing the right things. There's some really positive stuff happening with my body, like way improved glute medius strength and pelvic stability, and more scapula mobility.

Not massive physique changes that anybody else would be able to see, but all working to give me a stronger, more functional and pain-free bod.


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