Thursday, March 31, 2011

Legs, Baby!

More progress, yay!

Today I pulled out all the stops and did a "proper" leg workout. Well, the closest thing to a normal leg session that I've done in four months, anyway. I began with my usual tennis-ball-in-the-bum moves, plus some glute raises, x-band walks and stretches. Then it was onto the serious stuff.

Squats holding a single dumbbell at chest height, suitcase deadlifts and single leg RDLs. It didn't seem like much to me, but my legs were feeling pretty trashed by the time I got through it. But still, I couldn't help feeling it was a bit wussy... So I bravely foolishly decided to have a go at some King deadlifts.

Shut up; I know!

At least I had the sense to start with my weak left leg, to test it out. I managed four very wonky reps, with my leg almost collapsing on the last one. OK, so I knew what I was capable of...not much, evidently. I did four reps on the right side and moved onto some ab work.

I wobbled out of the gym feeling as though I'd done a super-heavy leg session, like the good old days. My legs were so shaky that I had to avoid stairs all day and just getting up from my chair was a major achievement. DOMS is setting in now, and I know I'm going to be in serious pain tomorrow.

All of this tells me that in spite of the short and seemingly simple workout, I've obviously managed to do exactly what's required to (eventually) regain my former strength.

After back to back sessions with my physio and osteopath today, I'm feeling mighty positive about everything. :)


Fifi said...

haha oh my legs got all wobbly reading that! They're my weakness. Gotta work on that..

Kerry W said...

Well done Kek! You have to start somewhere, and little by little, you'll get stronger until you realise that you're better and stronger than you were. It's a nice place to be. :)

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