Thursday, March 03, 2011

Patience and positivity

I've been battling against both my body and my inner whiney-pants over the past week or two. I've had a flare-up of lower back pain, with my old friend the SIJ giving me hell, as well as the ITB taking its sweet time to heal.

During a chat with Melissa on Tuesday, I was reminded that this sometimes happens on the road to getting better. Especially when I do the right thing and get some help to iron out kinks in tight muscles - during the course of treatment, pain can actually get worse before it gets better, as under-performing muscles are forced complainingly back into action.

As well as that, due to being flat out last week running between home and my Mum's house, there was simply not time to do any training on quite a few days. Skipping training, and particularly avoiding my rehab work, always pays me back with an increase in pain and stiffness.

So I'm taking a leaf out of Liz's book and adopting a positive outlook. If something hurts, I'll ice it, stretch it or do a little self-myofascial release. I'll resist the urge to stay in bed because Ouch, my back hurts, and instead I'll get up and move my body, in the knowledge that it will help.

The positive thinking is bolstered by Melissa's feedback on how different my body is looking and feeling from a few weeks ago. Just for starters, my pelvis is straighter and I have greater range of movement in a few places. So things are improving, and I just need to have a little faith and a lot of patience while the process continues.


Magda said...

Hmmm, needing to take a page from your book Kek.


LizN said...

Thatta girl :)

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