Thursday, April 14, 2011


I arrived home last night to find a massive parcel of goodies from Sana Direct on my dining table. I'm very grateful to Sara, who spent a lot of time and effort wrangling with the Australian quarantine laws to make sure my stuff got here safely.

I'm also grateful that AQIS didn't confiscate, irradiate or otherwise mistreat the contents. I am grateful for our strict quarantine laws, which keep a lot of nasties out of the country, but boy, they can be very paranoid at times.

Now I'm all stocked up on whey protein, fish oil, L-glutamine, maca powder, cacao beans, and ascorbic acid. I'm especially grateful that the Aussie dollar is going gangbusters at the moment, because all this stuff really was super-cheap.


Cacao beans are interesting - I think I'm going to love them. Very crunchy and earthy, with a hint of dark chocolate flavour, although of course, not at all sweet. Surprisingly, they're not as bitter as I thought they'd be. The Baby tried one and wasn't impressed... I think I'm safe in keeping them all for myself. Can't wait for the weekend to mix myself up a super-shake.

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Lise said...

Banana, smeared generously with peanut butter, covered with whipped cream and topped with crunchy cocoa nibs.

I have nothing else to say. Just that.


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