Saturday, April 16, 2011

Equipment essentials

People face any number of obstacles when it comes to getting fit. Financial constraints is a big one - I can't afford a gym membership/expensive home equipment/personal training sessions, etc, etc. Even dumbbells and barbells are expensive, I know.

I don't have room for a home gym is another common one. Not everyone has a nice big spare room where they can install a cardio machine, squat rack and all the lovely accessories that go with it. And many people want to exercise at home, because they have childcare issues, the gym opening hours don't suit, or for some other reason.

Here's my all-time favourite solution to both of those roadblocks:

Resistance tubes. These babies are cheap, take up no space at all and they're even lightweight and portable for travel or for outdoor workouts. With a pair of runners and a couple of bands in different strengths, you're all set.

You can get fancy ones with handles, but I prefer just the tubes. You can increase or decrease the resistance, simply by holding them at a different point. You can take them to the park and loop one around a post, railing or swing set, then do lat pulldowns, rows, "cable" crossovers, high biceps curls, triceps extensions, assisted pullups.... the list is almost endless.

For those of us who do have a gym membership and/or a well-equipped home gym, a couple of bands add an extra dimension to your training. Plus they're great for rehab exercises. I wouldn't be without them.

No money, no room? No excuses!

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