Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holidays, but not much rest

I thought having this week off would give me some time to relax, do some shopping, maybe see a movie and just you know...chill. But of course, I've had next to no spare time at all. That's what happens when you have to cram in dentist, hairdresser and other appointments, wait around for tradesmen, write programs for new clients (and fit in a couple of one-on-one sessions) and catch up on long-neglected housework, all in only four days. And somewhere in there, attempt to spend some time with your (elusive) teenagers.

In spite of feeling a bit rushed, I'm having a great week. Some of the highlights have included:

A couple of nana naps. Yes, I've been busy, but there's always time for a snooze.

Taking the boys out for lunch today after our six-monthly dentist appointment and enjoying sitting and just listening to their nonsense.

Picking up our new car. We've been in desperate need of an update for a few years now, and have talked about it, then put it off over and over again. Finally, we bit the bullet and I'm loving driving around in a modern car with bluetooth, ipod connectivity and all the lovely extras.

Getting dirty out in the garden weeding, pruning, applying my favourite molasses and Seasol solution and then sitting back and admiring my efforts.

Taking advantage of being stuck at home on Monday whilst waiting for a tradesman, and unleashing my inner domestic goddess. Parts of the house are practically sparkling. ;) Yes, parts. One doesn't want to go crazy....

I'm grateful for plenty of things this week, but I'm especially grateful that my two younger children, at 18 and 15, don't mind hanging out in public with thir daggy old Mum.

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