Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm honoured

I've been a very slack blogger. I have no excuse, other than my full time job, personal training business, socialising with interstate bloggers, planning holiday travel adventures and spending time with my family. Other than that, I've been doing nothing at all.

So, I was honoured to receive a prestigous award. This one, in fact, from Sara H (or as I like to call her, Texas Sara. I don't like to get my Saras all muddled up...):

As part of the deal, I have to reveal seven random facts about myself. This is going to be TOUGH, you know. After all, I do have a tendency to over-share. *ahem* You'll have to excuse me if you already know some of this stuff. I'm getting on, and my memory ain't what it used to be.

1. I dislike sport in general. That may seem weird for a personal trainer and self-confessed fitness fanatic, but I'm bored to tears by most spectator sports. That pretty much makes me an outcast in my home town, where everyone is football mad. Meh. I don't get it, and never will.

2. I love me a live show. Musical, modern play or one of the classics, opera, concert, comedy, whatever. I don't see enough of them, but the Australian Ballet, Melbourne Theatre Company, symphony or chamber orchestras, rock bands, anything during the Melbourne Comedy Festival (Saw Spike Milligan once, bloody awesome!), all rock my world. I have a date to see the sold-out MTC performance of The Importance of Being Earnest with Geoffrey Rush later this year and can't wait.

3. I'm incredibly shy and a bit socially awkward. People sometimes mistake me for a stuck-up bitch, but nope, I'm just S.H.Y.

4. I'd quite happily eat breakfast for every meal. I usually have at least two breakfasts each day. Toast, muesli, eggs, pancakes, French toast, bacon... *sigh* Some of the best foods on Earth.

5. I'm getting a new car and I'm insanely excited about it. :D

6. We live in a decidedly non-trendy suburb, and yet we still feel entitled to look down upon residents of certain parts of Melbourne. Yes, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards bogans. And if you insist on spelling your kids' names uniquely, you're fair game. I'm just saying...

7. I LOVE school holidays, even if I'm not having any time off work. No grumpy kids to haul out of bed, no school drop-offs, no notes to sign, homework to nag about, no nightmare traffic to negotiate on my way to work. And the ability to build up some Flex time is always good. This week is going to be a good one. :)


Clara said...

Aussie to Yank translation- what's a bogan?

Liz N said...

I'm glad to see you keeping the standards re bogan names nice and tidy!

Shar said...

Oooo I hope Archie is acceptable ;)

Love facts about people, it gives you a bit more of an insight as to whos writing.

Debstar said...

Life must be on the up and up. You live in a new house, soon to get a new car AND a holiday AND you have no boys named JAMZ. Lucky you.
Be grateful.

I too saw Spike Milligan many years ago. There were parts where I laughed 'till I cried.

Fifi said...

haha well I didn't think you were stuck up OR shy xxx So great to catch up in person.

Charlotte Orr said...

Congrats Kek! I love breakfast too.

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