Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Playing catch-up

I've taken a day off work today, but there's no rest for the wicked. This morning I'm off to do my annual CPR update so I can keep my fitness professional registration and insurance up to date. Then I have a couple of appointments that will fill in the entire afternoon. I need to call at the supermarket on my way home, which will probably be around 5:00pm, before organising dinner and getting stuck into the ironing.

Bike Boy headed off to Canberra at 6:00am, and The Baby is sick in bed with a nasty cold - thank goodness he's old enough to leave at home alone; I'm way too busy to be hanging around here playing nurse.

It's going to be a very pleasant autumn day in Melbourne, but right now it's about 10C outside. So today, I'm grateful for five-star insulation and ducted gas heating, which I'm giving its first run of the season. Cosy. :)


Shar said...

Omg! Realy? The heating on?? Im stillusing the air con, thts the diff between Perth and Melbourne i guess.

Have a productive day

Sara said...

It's getting very moody in the weather dept. over here too. Better get something very warm to bring with you...

Kek said...

Shar, now I'm in a t shirt ...mornings are a bit nippy, but there's still plenty of warmth in the days.

Sara, don't worry. I'll come well prepared. :)

Magda said...

Here too Kek. Fresh mornings (will need my running gloves soon) but nice enough to not need closed in shoes and pantyhose / socks yet.

Debstar said...

I like sitting in front of a fire, but a heater is fine too. Not much need for either here.

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