Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Just before I fly out the door, here's today's "grateful" list:

The fabulously deep and unbroken sleep I'm enjoying every night. After months of sleep deprivation, I'm loving waking up before the alarm, feeling rested.

Heated towel rails. :) I've just switched them back on to help deal with the chilly mornings we're beginning to have. There's nothing like grabbing a warm towel when you step out of the shower.

The lack of torrential rain this morning to accompany my drive to work.

Later, folks!


Kerry W said...

Oh, that sounds just so 'toasty' Kek. Well done on your sleeping! I don't know people survive without good sleep. One late night, and I'm a trainwreck. Oh, and a heated towel decadent! It brings back memories of when I was in northern Japan many moons ago, and the heated toilet seats and floors, and warm sake. I detest winter, but I love the thought of all those comforts, hibernating, and lots of contemplation over a hot cuppa, a good book, and a cosy blanket.

Andrea said...

I especially love the heated towel rails. Mental note to put that one on the reno's list.


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