Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Can we slow down a bit?

Who do I see about ordering a few more hours in my days? Life is a wee bit busy just now...

Last night I was on my way home when I had a call from my bestie, who had tickets to the theatre for a new MTC play - at 6:30pm! I changed route, rang Bike Boy, told him I was going out, and we made it to the Arts Centre with time enough to spare for a pre-show drink.

The play was good, but I ended up missing dinner, and the pile of folding and ironing I had planned to do last night is still sitting here. Tonight I have a client to train, and programs to update/emails to answer, so it'll be another busy evening.

Oh well, it beats being bored. :)


Liz N said...

I'd train a client any day over the ironing. It can wait!

Kek said...

I'd do pretty much ANYTHING over the ironing. Can you say "procrastination"?


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