Thursday, May 26, 2011

Little things

I'm in love with my Pandora bracelet, and I'm never taking it off.

Bike Boy chose the two-tone charm with the tiny gold hearts on it. Then yesterday I took my Mum out shopping and while we were out, I spotted a Pandora store and just had to get the cute little cupcake with the gold cherry on top.

I also called in at T2 and grabbed a box of Melbourne breakfast tea for the office, plus a canister to keep it in.

I do love that shop, with their shelves stacked high with boxed teas, and their pretty teapot displays. Apart from my love of good tea, I think it appeals to the neat freak in me.

I wandered trough Lush, but only bought some utilitarian scalp treatment bars (not photo-worthy, that's for sure), checked out some gorgeous new luggage, browsed in book shops, ate lunch and spent a pleasant few hours without my usual accompaniment of teenage eye-rolling or muttering.

I really should do a girlie day of shopping and lunch more often.

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Magda said...

My mum's birthday is coming up next week so Saturday is our lunch / movie / shopping day. I cant wait.

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