Friday, May 27, 2011

On the road again

I'm in the midst of a frenzy of bed-making, tidying and throwing stuff into a suitcase ahead of our departure for the weekend. I'd normally skip the whole domestic organisation thing when we're not going to be here to enjoy the tidiness anyway. But my mum is coming to keep The Baby company while we're away, so I figure clearing the floor between the door and the bed is probably a good idea...

We should be hitting the road by 11:00am, and I'm hoping for some reasonably fine weather so that we get to enjoy views like this one:

Have an awesome weekend. I know I will. :)


Debstar said...

Yes, but will you be able to peel your eyes off your bracelet to see the views?
Hope you have a top weekend.

Magda said...

Happy anniversary and enjoy!!

Unknown said...

isn't that just the best view!

Miss Positive said...

Happy Anniversary, and I hope you have a wonderful time away!

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