Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rainy Saturday Ramblings

I was going to blog yesterday and the day before, but Blogger had other ideas. Apparently there was some massive disaster with a planned one-hour outage that went on and on and on... Oh well, they've obviously sorted it out. Now I just have to remember what it was that seemed so important to write about... Or perhaps I'll just wing it and see what comes out.


There are now only FIVE MORE SLEEPS till I fly out of the country to visit Sara and help her to celebrate her thirty-tenth birthday. Am I excited? Eeeeeeeeeeeee!! You betcha.

I have my passport, some Kiwi dollars, a gift all sorted (shhh!) and I start my leave a day early so I'll have plenty of time to pack, unpack, repack, unpack again, repack and then worry that I've still left something vitally important behind.

The photo is the two of us in 2006 when we attended Phat Camp together. Yes, we have seen each other since then, but I don't seem to have any photos of the two of us. Must remedy that this time!


I've spent this week dutifully working on my new training plan, and the almost total absence of back pain has seemed like something of a miracle. This morning I woke up feeling a bit stiff and sore in the lower back - probably a result of Thursday night's osteo treatment. Even though I haven't yet done my exercise routine, just adopting a slightly different sitting posture has banished the pain in no time.

How am I sitting differently? I'm simply using my glutes to pull my pelvis from its habitual anterior tilt back towards neutral. Translation: squeezing my butt and keeping my feet flat on the floor. I can tell I've got it about right when the quite severe lumbar lordosis (sway back) that I've had forever disappears and the chair back fits quite snugly against my lower back.

There's a lot more to my exercise program than just sitting differently, but the lower body segment involves a quite simple process of stretching my hip flexors and strengthening my glutes through some basic exercises. Repeated ad nauseum. LOL

I'm still amazed that something so simple is so effective, so quickly. Of course, permanently retraining my movement patterns is going to take time, but I'm prepared to persevere. The rewards are well worth it.

I'm not doing much about my upper body issues at this point. I chose the problem that was bothering me the most to begin with and will add to my program to deal with other wonky bits in a couple of weeks.


I've been stuck in a food rut for the past several months. I simply couldn't be arsed cooking anything that took any effort. Even thinking about doing something different seemed like too much effort. You know what happens when I stop being creative with my meals? Danger, Will Robinson! Yep, I get bored, look at my lunch and think "Bleurgh! I don't feel like eating that", and then go in search of something - anything - that's more appealing.

For me, it's kind of difficult to eat well without any sort of planning and/or effort. So this past week, I've been more organised and made more effort with my daytime meals. That doesn't mean I've been living on chicken salad (although that did make an appearance on the menu once during the week). Thursday night I treated myself to my favourite Chocolate Dream cake from Brown's. And last night Bike Boy made me a sensational pizza with prawns, olives, mushrooms, capsicums, onion and fresh basil.

As a result of making a bigger effort and just being more conscious of what I put in my mouth, the scales have moved downwards quite significantly, without the need to weigh or measure food or log anything at all.

I've also gone on a couple of shopping expeditions and hunted down some of my old favourite ingredients. I went on a fruitless quest for unsweetened apple sauce - seems the old IXL brand I used to buy has disappeared (damn you, SPC/Ardmona!) and I couldn't find any brand that had no added sugar. Then Bike Boy suggested baby food, and success! Heinz apple puree - just what I needed! Yesterday I found some organic quark in the fruit shop/deli where I usually get our fruit and veg. I almost did a little dance in the aisle; it's been years since I've been able to buy quark.

I grabbed some passionfruit and fresh dates while I was there and stocked up on walnuts. Plus we have fresh chestnuts in the fridge from a relative's tree.

Having some delicious ingredients on hand has inspired me to get my kitchen goddess mojo on today, so I'm planning some new recipes. Quark cheesecake is on the list - can't wait to try it!


Vix said...

Glad to hear the back is starting to ease up!

Very jealous of your impending trip to NZ - never been there but have heard so much about it!! Sounds like you guys are gonna have a ball :)

Can't wait to hear how the cheesecake turns out - looks delish. Me thinks you might have to send some up to QLD for a taste test ;)

Sandra said...

I'd never heard of quark...! Just googled it - sounds amazing!
The cake sounds yum!

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