Sunday, May 01, 2011

Slight interruption to programming

So much for being back in the groove. My germy kids have shared a nasty head cold with the entire family and I've spent the past couple of days feeling like crap.

In spite of waking with the mother of all sinus headaches on Friday, I got up anyway and did some core work, got the tennis ball into my glutes and did some stretching. Yesterday, I had planned to train upper body, but a rare bout of asthma put paid to that idea. My inhaler wasn't doing a thing to help, so Bike Boy dragged out the old nebuliser we used to rely on when the kids were little, and that did the trick. I was good - didn't even need to be bribed with colouring books or Lego to sit still and take my medicine. ;)

I'm better today, but still feeling tight in the chest, so my plan is to go for a walk before the forecast rain starts, then do some Pilates. I don't think anything strenuous would be a wise idea.

There's always something. I'm feeling a bit grumpy at the moment, so thank goodness April is over and I don't have to be grateful for anything today.


Sara said...

I forgot you had asthma. I'll have to ban you from the kitchen when I'm cooking then.. seeing as I always seem to make enough steam or smoke to set off the fire alarm..

Kek said...

LOL. Nah, I'll be fine. I rarely get it, mainly if I run outdoors in very cold temps or (like now) when I have a respiratory virus.

I'll be fine by the time I get to NZ - I'm doubling my usual dosage of preventer medication to make sure.

Magda said...

Grumpy is allowed every so often Kek. As long as it doesnt become the permanent mood.

Debstar said...

Sara must cook like me.

Kek, you can be grateful that you have a nebuliser. You can be grateful that your legs still move. You can be grateful that you have me as one of your regulars........ok I'll stop now.

Kerry W said...

Yeah...and winter is at our doorstep. More reasons to be grumpy. :)

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