Saturday, June 25, 2011

She asked for it!

I have a new client, who informed me at our first meeting that she wanted me to "push her hard". After her first two training sessions this week, she may be regretting those words...

On Wednesday, I hit her with sets of 50 mountain climbers. Yes, I know...nasty. Hehe. This morning, we had some fun playing around at the outdoor fitness circuit. Note: When your personal trainer says "fun", you should be very afraid.

I had her do inverted rows, elevated pushups, walking lunges, jogging intervals, crunches and some other stuff, which she handled quite well. So then I threw in several sets of pop squats. (Oh yes, I did....) She handled it like a trouper. :)

I must have temporarily lost my mind though, because I did them with her. So when she's cursing me loudly tomorrow, I think I may be cursing myself...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sure thing!

I filled the car at the petrol station and bought a chocolate bar for The Baby before meeting him at the shops after school today. We popped into Coles to grab a couple of things before heading home.

The Baby: Buy me something....? (Eyeing off a display of junk food)

Me: Forget it. I've already got something for you in the car.

The Baby: It had better be a puppy.

Me: O_o

Friday, June 17, 2011

Gosh, is that the time?

It's Friday already? Funny how the week flies by after a long weekend. :)

It's been a pretty busy one, with not much time for blogging. Well, there has been some time, but I've spent it researching accommodation, sights and domestic airfares in Thailand for our upcoming holiday. So far we have hotels booked for two legs of the trip, and it's all coming together nicely. We also went out for tapas last night and managed to stay out way too late for a school night, but it was totally worth it.

Other than that, it's been work, work, work. The looming end of financial year tends to promote a sense of urgency in my office, so I've been head down and bum up writing tedious 25-page reports full of big words, in order to finalise my work by the deadline. And there'll be more of that today. Yay.

Speaking of which, I'm aiming for an early start, so I'm off. I may have something worth blogging over the weekend, when I get time to gather my thoughts.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


We have bee-yootiful winter sunshine today, AND it's a long weekend, so plenty to smile about.

Number One Son has gone camping with some mates, The Middle Child is working and The Baby is...somewhere. Bike Boy is out in the garage brewery, getting his beer-making zen on, so it's very peaceful in here.

Me, I'm testing a new recipe, doing a little work, gazing out the window at my thriving garden and generally taking it easy.

I still need to find the perfect chair for my tiny patio before summer comes around again...

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Baby, it's cold out there!

We're in the middle of the two coldest June days in Melbourne since God-knows-when, and I got out of bed at stupid o'clock and went to the gym anyway.

*waits for applause to die down*

My day was awesome yesterday - well, mostly. Apart from two crappy coffees (our machine is currently awaiting repairs - boo!) and internet dramas all night, anyway. I had a great little workout, a dream drive to work, and an easy day at the office. I also bought a shiny new set of Scanpan Coppernox saucepans, and got home nice and early. I felt good all day, even though it was F.R.E.E.Z.I.N.G. outdoors. (Did it snow anywhere other than Ballarat? Must go check the news)

Then last night we managed to book airfares to Bangkok for October for the both of us for less than we paid for a single fare back in 2002! :) Now I'll be spending some time perusing websites, brochures and my Lonely Planet Guide to figure out our itinerary and find cheap accommodation and domestic airfares. The plan is to spend a few days in Bangkok, a few in Chiang Mai and then veg out at a beach resort for a week or so.

The thought of a tropical holiday should get me through winter. Even if it is 5C, with a windchill factor of Oh my God.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

How not to get stuff done

Since I discovered the cooking show My Drunk Kitchen on Youtube, I've been wasting far too much time falling off my chair laughing and not nearly enough time doing serious stuff.

Pfft. Whatever.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Recipe Alert!

I've had a bit of a cooking thing going on this weekend, and among other things, made this chicken cacciatore.

That's tomorrow night's dinner taken care of.... :)

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Jumping into June

June has kind of snuck up on me - where did the last five months go? I think I've been distracted with holidays and things, and now suddenly it's winter and it's C.O.L.D. and there's only one more public holiday (next weekend) before the miserable long, dark winter, and I'm doing my best not to get all sulky about it.

Today I woke up to a bright sunny morning, the kind where you think Awesome! I'll get some stuff done outdoors and the washing dry. But that's just Melbourne playing tricky games with you, because it's FREEZING outdoors, in spite of the sunshine. I had washing out on the line for about six hours and It. Did. Not. Dry.

I think the two strong coffees I had must have induced a feeling of bravado though, because I headed outdoors to do some training in between clients this morning. I headed over to "my" outdoor fitness circuit and spent 30 minutes doing some jogging intervals, interspersed with some strength work. I managed some hanging leg raises, step ups, inverted rows and pushups, and felt pretty pleased with myself for getting out there and just doing it.

It was actually fun, and of course I warmed up enough to spend most of the time in just my t-shirt. Well, I was wearing pants, but you know what I mean. :p On my way home, I jogged over a small rise and there, about 150m away, were a dozen or so kangaroos, staring at me from a patch of long grass.

The combination of endorphins, satisfaction at getting my fitness groove on, and the joy of being out in the sunshine (yay for Vitamin D!) left me feeling GREAT for the rest of the day. A nice long nap this afternoon didn't hurt either.

Now I'm enjoying a glass of wine before a hearty dinner of roast chicken with roasted kumera, carrots and parsnips and some broccoli - go the veggies! - and we have a movie teed up to watch later.

My last couple of weekends have been lovely, but it's nice to be at home enjoying some simple pleasures too.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Product review: Emma & Tom's Life Bars

Today I nipped into the supermarket to grab a couple of things, and stopped to browse the health food/sports nutrition section. I found myself checking out the bars. Biggest Loser branded merchandise galore, Atkins (yuk, those things upset my gut) and other "weight loss" products as far as the eye could see.

As usual, there were only a couple of flavours available in the bars I actually like. Why does nobody EVER stock Aussie Bodies Protein FX bars in Choc-Malt crisp flavour? *sigh* Boring, boring, boring!

Then as I was gazing glumly at the crappy offerings, I spied a small brown wrapper and the words "raw" and "cacao & orange" jumped out at me. Hmm, Emma & Tom's Life Bars. I grabbed my glasses out of my bag and peered at the nutrition panel. Only five ingredients, and nothing with a chemical name (or just a number). I grabbed one each of the two varieties in stock - the cacao and orange, and a cherry and goji.

When I got back to the office, I looked up their website and I'm pretty impressed with the products. All natural ingredients, basically dried fruit, nuts and things like orange oil as flavours. The lack of artificial crap gets a big tick from me, so does the minimal number of ingredients. Calorie-wise, they're around 160-165 Calories, so just a small snack.

As for the taste test? These things are sensational! The cacao and orange bar was delicious, and exactly the texture I was trying to achieve (but failed) with my raw chocolate fruit and nut bars. I wonder how they make them stick together...?

The cherry and goji bar was also really tasty. Yes, of course I ate them both. Very selfless of me, really - just so I could bring you this review. Both are quite sweet, as you'd expect with dates being the main ingredient. I loved them, and will be including these as a regular item on my shopping list.

These aren't a protein bar though - the protein content is only about 3-4g - but that's not a big deal for me. I'd be happy to have one of these as a sweet treat after a meal of meat and veg.

They also make a banana bar and a fig and lemon one, and I'll be looking out for those.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Recipe Alert!

In case you missed it, I posted another top-notch beef casserole recipe the other day over at Good Food.

It's one of those great recipes where you chuck everything in the pot and just leave it to cook for hours and amazingly, you end up with a complete dinner. No mess, no fuss. And perfect for this cold and miserable time of year.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A pinch and a punch....and some photos

Sara's post yesterday has inspired me to trawl back through my photo archives and see what I was up to in Junes past. I finally stepped into the digital age in late 2002 with a compact model, although I hung onto my trusty 35mm SLR for a few years longer before trading it up for a DSLR. These are a few shots from my archives...

In June 2003, I managed to catch my two youngest, freshly bathed and apparently playing happily together:

In 2004 I had just completed my Body-for-LIFE challenge and had taken a huge step out of my comfort zone to travel to Sydney to meet up with some fellow BFLers who I'd only "met" online previously. Here I am with Debbie Rossi. I'm not sure what's up with the face I'm pulling:

I attended Phat Camp for the first time in 2005. This year I plan to front up for PC #5. Yes, I probably am nuts.

In 2006, I was hanging out at the nearby park, stalking the local swans and waiting for their babies to hatch:

In 2007 we bought our land and impatiently waited for the subdivision to be completed so we could start building. Bike Boy is finding the surveyor's pegs here, so we could see exactly where our boundaries would be.

I subjected myself to a killer posing session with the very patient Jo Rogers in 2008 - or as Liz calls it, a de-dorking session.

In June 2009 I must have been too busy to get the camera out. Or I've filed my photos *somewhere*.... Apparently though, I was using my phone to take photos of my food at the office. Yes, a collection of plastic containers; fabulous.

And in 2010, I did my Cinderella act and got all glammed up for a ball:

So there you go.


Today I'm back to work after a lovely two weeks off. And it's freezing this morning - would have been the perfect day to stay in bed....