Saturday, June 04, 2011

Jumping into June

June has kind of snuck up on me - where did the last five months go? I think I've been distracted with holidays and things, and now suddenly it's winter and it's C.O.L.D. and there's only one more public holiday (next weekend) before the miserable long, dark winter, and I'm doing my best not to get all sulky about it.

Today I woke up to a bright sunny morning, the kind where you think Awesome! I'll get some stuff done outdoors and the washing dry. But that's just Melbourne playing tricky games with you, because it's FREEZING outdoors, in spite of the sunshine. I had washing out on the line for about six hours and It. Did. Not. Dry.

I think the two strong coffees I had must have induced a feeling of bravado though, because I headed outdoors to do some training in between clients this morning. I headed over to "my" outdoor fitness circuit and spent 30 minutes doing some jogging intervals, interspersed with some strength work. I managed some hanging leg raises, step ups, inverted rows and pushups, and felt pretty pleased with myself for getting out there and just doing it.

It was actually fun, and of course I warmed up enough to spend most of the time in just my t-shirt. Well, I was wearing pants, but you know what I mean. :p On my way home, I jogged over a small rise and there, about 150m away, were a dozen or so kangaroos, staring at me from a patch of long grass.

The combination of endorphins, satisfaction at getting my fitness groove on, and the joy of being out in the sunshine (yay for Vitamin D!) left me feeling GREAT for the rest of the day. A nice long nap this afternoon didn't hurt either.

Now I'm enjoying a glass of wine before a hearty dinner of roast chicken with roasted kumera, carrots and parsnips and some broccoli - go the veggies! - and we have a movie teed up to watch later.

My last couple of weekends have been lovely, but it's nice to be at home enjoying some simple pleasures too.

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