Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A pinch and a punch....and some photos

Sara's post yesterday has inspired me to trawl back through my photo archives and see what I was up to in Junes past. I finally stepped into the digital age in late 2002 with a compact model, although I hung onto my trusty 35mm SLR for a few years longer before trading it up for a DSLR. These are a few shots from my archives...

In June 2003, I managed to catch my two youngest, freshly bathed and apparently playing happily together:

In 2004 I had just completed my Body-for-LIFE challenge and had taken a huge step out of my comfort zone to travel to Sydney to meet up with some fellow BFLers who I'd only "met" online previously. Here I am with Debbie Rossi. I'm not sure what's up with the face I'm pulling:

I attended Phat Camp for the first time in 2005. This year I plan to front up for PC #5. Yes, I probably am nuts.

In 2006, I was hanging out at the nearby park, stalking the local swans and waiting for their babies to hatch:

In 2007 we bought our land and impatiently waited for the subdivision to be completed so we could start building. Bike Boy is finding the surveyor's pegs here, so we could see exactly where our boundaries would be.

I subjected myself to a killer posing session with the very patient Jo Rogers in 2008 - or as Liz calls it, a de-dorking session.

In June 2009 I must have been too busy to get the camera out. Or I've filed my photos *somewhere*.... Apparently though, I was using my phone to take photos of my food at the office. Yes, a collection of plastic containers; fabulous.

And in 2010, I did my Cinderella act and got all glammed up for a ball:

So there you go.


Today I'm back to work after a lovely two weeks off. And it's freezing this morning - would have been the perfect day to stay in bed....


Kerry W said...

Nice Kek! I just love trips down memory lane. And what an ingenius way of sharing them - a year-by-year account, selecting just one month. Looks like you've been busy. :)

Debstar said...

Great photos. I like the one of the boys. The area around them so clean. How did you manage that?

LizN said...

This is an AWESOME post Kek :)

Kek said...

Ha, Deb! That was the "Good Room" (a la Kath & Kim) at our old place. Mostly, I made them sit on the cold tiles in the family room....

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