Friday, June 03, 2011

Product review: Emma & Tom's Life Bars

Today I nipped into the supermarket to grab a couple of things, and stopped to browse the health food/sports nutrition section. I found myself checking out the bars. Biggest Loser branded merchandise galore, Atkins (yuk, those things upset my gut) and other "weight loss" products as far as the eye could see.

As usual, there were only a couple of flavours available in the bars I actually like. Why does nobody EVER stock Aussie Bodies Protein FX bars in Choc-Malt crisp flavour? *sigh* Boring, boring, boring!

Then as I was gazing glumly at the crappy offerings, I spied a small brown wrapper and the words "raw" and "cacao & orange" jumped out at me. Hmm, Emma & Tom's Life Bars. I grabbed my glasses out of my bag and peered at the nutrition panel. Only five ingredients, and nothing with a chemical name (or just a number). I grabbed one each of the two varieties in stock - the cacao and orange, and a cherry and goji.

When I got back to the office, I looked up their website and I'm pretty impressed with the products. All natural ingredients, basically dried fruit, nuts and things like orange oil as flavours. The lack of artificial crap gets a big tick from me, so does the minimal number of ingredients. Calorie-wise, they're around 160-165 Calories, so just a small snack.

As for the taste test? These things are sensational! The cacao and orange bar was delicious, and exactly the texture I was trying to achieve (but failed) with my raw chocolate fruit and nut bars. I wonder how they make them stick together...?

The cherry and goji bar was also really tasty. Yes, of course I ate them both. Very selfless of me, really - just so I could bring you this review. Both are quite sweet, as you'd expect with dates being the main ingredient. I loved them, and will be including these as a regular item on my shopping list.

These aren't a protein bar though - the protein content is only about 3-4g - but that's not a big deal for me. I'd be happy to have one of these as a sweet treat after a meal of meat and veg.

They also make a banana bar and a fig and lemon one, and I'll be looking out for those.


The Stark's said...

Oooh might have to order some online. Love raw food bars! Thanks for the heads up :).

Magda said...

They sound great kek.

London girl said...

Yeah I just tried one of these they're pretty awesome!

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