Sunday, July 31, 2011

Give it all you got - and then a little bit more

Liz posted yesterday about being capable of more than we think, and I took it on board this morning during a particularly challenging double training session.

Someone had set me the task of doing both an RPM class and a leg session today. I had serious doubts about whether I could do justice to the weights workout following a hard cycle class - especially since I completely hit my limit during Track 6 and spent the second half of it wondering if I'd have to make a dash out of the room to throw up. But I backed off the resistance in Track 7 to recover a bit and got through it vomit-free. Phew. I then took a few minutes after the class to sit quietly and regroup mentally.

I was feeling a little cranky and still doubtful that I was up for it - not helped by having to remove 200kg of plates from the leg press before I could start my high-rep circuit session. :/ But I dug deep and put in a really good effort, and finished exhausted but satisfied.

Normally, I'd have considered that I was completely trashed after an RPM class, but apparently not so... Don't anyone tell Coach though, or she'll be setting me even bigger challenges in future. ;)

Now, though? NOW I'm completely trashed, after doing loads of washing, running to the shops for a few essential groceries and doing a spot of weeding and pruning. I'm retiring to the couch for the next hour or two and doing nothing more strenuous than turning the pages of a magazine.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thank you, Wednesday!

Today was a huge improvement on yesterday, which started with a lacklustre RPM effort, then involved a long delay while waiting for an x-ray (making me two-and-a-half hours late for work). THAT was followed by a nosebleed whilst driving on the freeway (resulting in bloodstains down the front of my shirt). And all capped off with a flat tyre on the way home. I eventually walked in the front door at 7:00pm, and was not thrilled to discover that a matching tyre is: a) difficult to get hold of; and b) mega-expensive. Harrumph!

So I was happy to say goodbye to Tuesday and start afresh this morning. And apart from a traffic jam on the way to work, my day has gone extremely well.

Pausing to appreciate the small day to day pleasures makes me far more appreciative of how good my life really is. It's all too easy to dwell on the annoyances and disappointments along the way, but those negative feelings can multiply and make you dissatisfied, cranky and downright unhappy. And who wants to hangout with a misery-guts?

Accordingly, I'm making an effort to stop and smell the roses. Here's today's list of things that made me happy:

- I popped into the sports shop near my office at lunchtime and found Under Armour long-sleeved Coldgear compression tops being thrown out for $20. I bought two.

- I received a call to say that our new bed is ready for delivery - it's coming on Friday.

- I got my tax paperwork all but finished off, ready for my appointment with my tax agent later this week. Hey, it may not be fun, but it's satisfying to have it done.

- I've booked tickets to see Harry Potter at Gold Class on the weekend; a special treat for The Baby, for a much improved performance at school last semester.

- I managed pushups this morning with no back pain. Sure, I'm still doing them on my knees, but at least I'm doing them!

I'm keen to see what good stuff Thursday has in store for me. :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011


In spite of staying up till 2:00am to watch Cadel Evans' historic victory last night, and then having a disturbed night's sleep, I was up before 8:00am this morning. I needed to let my breakfast digest well before my scheduled 9:30am RPM class.

Let me tell you, that class was HARD. I sweated up a storm and not surprisingly, given the lack of sleep, it was a bit of a struggle. But I got through it. It's in my program, so I got up, gritted my teeth, and just did it. That's MY victory.

Now I think I've earned a restful day. It's pouring here, so I think some leisurely shopping, maybe a snooze, a bit of food prep for the week, and a lot of lazing around on the couch will be in order.

That's my kind of Sunday. :)

Congratulations, Cadel!

Evans wins the 2011 TDF!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gratuitous food porn

Just because....

I forgot I had this image from my visit to Brunetti with Liz. *drool*

Friday, July 22, 2011

Double trouble

Today, I'm facing a double dose of training. This morning I'll be at the gym for an interval session on the treadmill, followed by an upper body workout - fingers crossed that my back co-operates today.

Then after work, I'll be back again for a 60-minute cross-training class. The description on the gym website goes like this:

A great all over body workout. Increase your muscle strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness in this challenging class. Some equipment that you will use in your workout will include weights, steps, bikes, rowing machines, treadmills and body weight exercises. Take your fitness to another level.

Boy, I'm going to sleep well tonight. Someone wake me before Sunday, would you?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beastie 0: Kek 1

With pretty much anything in life, when things aren't going perfectly, it's all too easy to just give up and call it quits.

Injury and illness are common triggers for quitting a fitness program - the old "all or nothing" beastie loves nothing better than to chuck in a bit of: Oh, what's the point? If I can't do my training, I may as well just sit on the couch and eat chocolate. Of course, that's not the least bit logical, but logic has very little to do with the crazy thoughts our subconscious minds like to throw at us.

For me, this latest injury has been a right pain in the butt (well, pain in the back, actually), but I've not once succumbed to the crazy whisperings of my inner lard-arse. I'm utterly determined to regain my former fitness, and to ditch the extra kgs that have crept on thanks to paying attention to the beastie in the past. I may not be able to do my planned training on a given day, but I can always do something.

For me, that's the key to staying on track - move my body as best I can, and continue to eat well. Seeking solace in cake, chocolate or wine isn't the slightest bit helpful, so I'm refusing to listen to the voice that tells me that I deserve it (no, I deserve to be fit and healthy), or that it will make me feel better (it won't).

The fact that I'm a bit restricted by my back pain at the moment isn't slowing my momentum one little bit. I'm still eating well, doing as much training as I can, and I've dragged out my pedometer to remind me to get up from my desk and MOVE during the day. Yesterday I clocked up over 15,000 steps - not bad for someone who spends all day sitting at work. It's surprising how many steps you can add by trekking up and down stairs, going the long way round to the ladies' room and squeezing in a 20-minute walk at lunchtime.

The result is that I feel extremely positive, happy with my progress and am confident that I'll hit my goals, despite things not being perfect.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting better all the time

Things have thankfully improved since yesterday, although my day ended with an urgent need to go home early and take a nice long nap. I have no idea why I was so tired, or feeling a little ill, but it seems to have passed now.

I'm having difficulty finding a comfortable position in bed, and have to resort to all kinds of gymnastics with an assortment of pillows to avoid my back being a PITA. Hopefully, that's mainly due to the total lack of support in our ancient mattress, and will be resolved when our brand, spanking new bed arrives in a few days' time.

Today being Tuesday, I fronted up for the 6:00am RPM class at my gym. I finished up a sweaty mess, but coped better than the past two weeks - I feel a bit stronger and a little bit fitter already, so hurrah!

I'm reminding myself constantly that getting back to my former fitness and strength is a gradual process, and that every little improvement needs to be celebrated. Preferably not with cake. ;)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Who stole my smile?

I'm struggling to maintain my happy face this morning. I woke with a very unhappy back (stupid injury!), which was unpleasant in itself, but which also caused me to abandon my upper body workout after only one and a half sets of lat pulldowns. Extreme pain while training is a bright, neon sign that you need to take notice of.

Add to that some very unpleasant hot flushes and a bit of nausea (no idea what that's from) and I'm not feeling all that chipper.

The bright side? I did get through my cardio workout, and then jumped back on the treadmill to walk for an extra 15 minutes when I knew I wasn't going to be able to manage the weights. I have coffee and breakfast is bubbling away on the stove. And the strong pain relief drugs I just took should make life bearable again within the next 10 minutes or so.

On with the week...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mind powers

I blogged about my less-than-spectacular workout yesterday, when I had to skip some of my weight training exercises. What I didn't mention though, was how that affected my day. I'll tell you now:

Not. At. All.

I'm practising maintaining a positive attitude, which means retraining some of my less helpful mental dialogue. There have been times in the past when I would have been in a grumpy mood all day, because I felt I'd "failed" for not completing my full program. Sometimes it's hard to live up to your own high expectations. But instead, I told myself that I'd done a great job for getting up and going to the gym when I was in a bit of pain to begin with. And I knew that I'd done my best and made the right call on not continuing with exercises that were clearly aggravating things.

I did the same thing when I had a go at a Boxfit class on Thursday. I simply told the instructor that I hadn't done any boxing for a LONG time, and that I was working on getting back into my fitness routine after injury and left it at that. The class was challenging, and I struggled to keep up with some of the regular participants at times. At the end of the class, the instructor smiled and commented "You did really well", and I just said: "Thanks. I enjoyed it" I did not moan "Oh, but my fitness is soooo crap! I used to be much fitter than this." For one thing, I don't need to justify myself to anyone (and I doubt the instructor cares anyway), and for another, I gave it my best shot and was happy with my efforts.

I know that I'm doing my best, and that improvements will come. So I'm giving myself credit for my efforts, and not worrying about the "results" I'm achieving. Continual gentle encouragement, even if it is coming from yourself, is way more effective than any amount of criticism or sulking.


Today we're going to test out new beds. It's way past time to replace our mattress - I bought it sometime before The Baby came along, which makes it more than 15 years old. Yikes!

I think my back will be grateful for a lovely new supportive sleeping surface. :)

Friday, July 15, 2011


Who doesn't love Fridays? :D I'm looking forward to my weekend although I don't have big plans: a little housework, maybe a nap or two, dinner with some lovely friends, finalising our holiday bookings, and just more time for training and other stuff that always has to be squeezed in between other commitments on weekdays.

This morning's training session was a bit disappointing. My sore back, from my spectacular clumsiness the other day, seems to have flared up overnight and was really impeding my workout. Back exercises were no drama at all though - it was my chest sets that were giving me grief. Getting into (and out of) position for bench presses was impossible and I had to call it quits after only two of my three sets. Then pushups were a total bust. I got through twelve on the first set and decided they were a really bad idea today.

I'm used to working around a niggly sacrum, and pretty much have that down pat, but this is higher up my spine, so maintaining neutral pelvis and bracing my TA isn't the slightest bit helpful.

I'll be resorting to four-hourly doses of Panadol to get through my day at work. But hey, it could be worse. At least I got through most of my workout, and my pants and the scales tell me that everything is going just fine in the weight loss department.


I'm having green pancakes again today - if you make them, here's a helpful little hint: DON'T skimp on the bananas, and DON'T forget the whey. If you do, they're going to taste quite a lot like... um, spinach.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

That behaviour is not asseptable!

I’m loving being back in my training groove, and have easily fallen back into the familiar routine of preparing meals in advance and packing my gym bag each night, all ready for my early start. I’ve spent far too long dicking around, and it’s done nothing for my overall happiness or sense of purpose.

Just coasting along “in the moment” (and in my case, enjoying too much food or wine or being a sloth) is all very well at times, but we all have to make plans and set goals to achieve the things that are important to us. Most of us do this without a second thought when it comes to financial goals. I mean, who wants to reach age 65 and suddenly realise: Oh, crap! I didn’t do anything about saving for a comfortable retirement.

Taking care of your physical self is no different. You need to decide what you want to achieve, and then make a plan to work towards that. If you want to be leaner, or more muscular, stronger or faster or more flexible, then you need to do something to make that happen. You can’t just sit around wishing for it. That’s like wishing a million dollars would fall out of the sky so you don’t have to bother about those pesky superannuation payments.

There’s a real sense of satisfaction in exerting yourself physically. The physiological rewards are pretty nice too – the endorphin rush following a tough cardio session makes me feel alive. And of course, the rewarding feeling of achieving something that you’ve worked hard for is priceless.

My inner two-year-old has reigned long enough, but now she’s been sent to the naughty corner, where she can damn well stay. Time to act like a grown-up again!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sticks and stones

The doc doesn't think I've done anything serious - no broken ribs, anyway, although there's a teensy chance I may have crushed a vertebra. She's pretty sure it's just bruising and muscle strain though.

She wasn't worried enough to send me for an x-ray, just told me to let things settle down and if I have any ongoing painful spots, to come back and get it checked out.

She did give me the day off though. :D

Bruised and battered

Seems I'm not quite as OK as I thought I was. I headed off to work yesterday and got into the usual Monday swing of things. I also entertained my colleagues by recounting the tale of my disastrous trip to the bathroom - it's amazing how something that's truly awful at the time can make a hilarious story just a short time afterwards. Hey, it's good to be able to laugh at yourself. ;)

But I found sitting at my desk extremely uncomfortable, and by 2:15 decided that I'd had enough. I came home and put myself to bed, waking up three hours later. WTF?

Last week, I'd organised a doctor's appointment for this morning - I need some repeat prescriptions and a couple of other minor things sorted - so I guess I'll be getting her to check out the damage. And I may well be taking today off work...


In spite of the soreness from shoulder to hip, and the lovely upper body DOMS that's set in as expected, I fronted up for the 6:00am RPM class this morning. Sitting on a spin bike for 50 minutes isn't particularly uncomfortable, and there's nothing wrong with my legs.

I'm sitting quite a bit under the suggested pace, but I'm fine with that. No heroics here - I need to work up to my former fitness level gradually. I'm getting plenty sweaty and my heart rate is right where it ought to be, so I know I'm not wussing out. As usual, track 6 saw me start to feel a little bit nauseous, so I backed off the resistance just a smidge and managed to get through the rest of the class without puking. That's always a good thing.

Now on with the rest of my day - which might just involve a lot of lying around on the couch.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Bringing it

This morning began far less dramatically than yesterday. Thank goodness. I'm sore and stiff from my left shoulder all the way to my butt, and the pain in my back still requires some drugs to allow me to sit comfortably, but I don't feel as though I've done any serious damage. Which is just as well, because today marks the start of my new program from Liz, and no way was I delaying that!

So I was at the gym bright and early for my first training session. I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive about running - I really wasn't sure that I'd cope, what with the back pain and all. But I figured I'd give it a go and if it felt wrong, I'd back it off and walk instead. Luckily, running didn't hurt any more than walking does, so I got through my cardio workout without any dramas, and moved onto upper body.

The Mistress of Pain has assigned me 20-rep sets for this week. Geez, Louise! I haven't done 20-rep sets for... hell, I don't think I've ever done them. I picked super-light weights and still struggled. :/ My arms feel like they don't belong to me, and I'm anticipating some nasty DOMS tomorrow.

Ah well, no pain, no gain. Watch me blitz this thing!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Household safety tip #1

If you need to make a trip to the loo in the middle of the night, TURN ON A FREAKING LIGHT.

I hate being blinded by bright light when I'm only half awake, so I habitually wander from bed to bathroom in the wee hours (little pun there.... :D ) without turning any lights on. Apart from the odd stubbed toe, I've never come to grief. Until last night.

I woke up at 4:00am with a bursting bladder, but tried to ignore it and go back to sleep. Because yeah, that always works so well (NOT). Finally, I sighed, crawled out of the warm bed and tottered around the corner into our ensuite. I'd closed the blinds in there to prevent all the heat being lost through the glass in the French doors and consequently, it was DARK.

Somehow, I managed to veer ever-so-slightly off-course and walked smack into the corner of the shower screen. Being half-asleep and completely blind, I bounced off it, lost my balance and fell heavily. There's a nice long wall opposite the shower, so I could have whacked into that with little effect, but NOOOOOO.... I managed to exactly line up my spine with the plug-in air freshener sticking out from the power point.

Imagine someone smacking you right in the spine with a brick. No? OK, I'll tell you what it feels like: a) the actual impact hurt like crazy; b) my nerves went mental, sending out whacky messages to all the muscles in my back and abdominals around that point and causing them to go into painful spasms; and c) communication between my brain and my lower body was cut off, rendering my legs completely immobile and useless.

Of course, I did what any sane person would do and lay there, yelling loudly. Poor Bike Boy was rudely awakened and came running, expecting blood, murder and God-knows-what. Instead he found me in a crumpled heap on the bathroom floor, white-faced and sitting in a puddle of pee. Yep, when your spine cops a nasty shock like that, not only do you lose control of your legs, but also everything else below the waist. Ah, fun times....

The paralysis probably only lasted for less than a minute, and Bike Boy helped me to my feet. But then the shock really set in and I started to see stars and go all fainty. Uh-oh... Eventually I was back in bed, but the muscle spasms weren't letting up, so some drugs were in order. We both lay there wide awake for ages - I guess adrenaline isn't all that conducive to sleep. Eventually, I nodded off and I didn't wake till after 10:00am.

This morning I'm sore and stiff, and am definitely not doing any kind of exercise. Instead, I think I'll be lying around with a heat pack, watching trash TV. I start my new program tomorrow, so my abdominals and whichever muscles in my back are affected had just better unclench themselves by then.

And I'll be leaving the bathroom blinds open at night from now on.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Think outside the square

It can be difficult at this time of year to get your exercise in - daylight hours are limited, the weather can be truly awful, and if you have family commitments as well, sometimes it seems impossible to find space in your day to do what's necessary. Well, yesterday I discovered some people for whom "impossible" isn't in their vocabulary.

I had to do some field work in the morning, so booked a car from the office pool and headed out into the freezing cold, wet, windy day. It was about 12:30pm by the time I drove back into the basement car park, and I was looking forward to my lunch as I collected my files from the car before heading back upstairs. As I filled in the log book, I noticed a guy in shorts and t-shirt wander past towards the rear of the basement, and I was curious, so I peeked around the corner.

I discovered four guys in a space behind the parking area that would be about 4 x 4m. They had skipping ropes and mats laid out on the concrete floor and were in the middle of a great little circuit of skipping, pushups, crunches etc. I didn't stick around to spy on them, so I don't know what else they might have had in their program, but I was impressed at their ingenuity.

30 minutes of circuit-style bodyweight exercises, interspersed with skipping would have been a decent workout. They found a small but usable space, brought in some basic equipment that would require very little room to store, and devoted part of their lunch break to doing something active.

In the end, it all comes down to how important exercise is to you. If you make it a priority, you'll find a way to fit it into your life.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Kermit was wrong... actually IS easy being green.

Go check out my new green pancake recipe. It's freaking awesome!

Getting into the swing of things

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I've signed up with Lovely Liz once more for some online coaching and I'm looking forward to the contortions she's no doubt going to put me through. Who could forget plank-jacks, suicide runs, squat jumps, and some of her more inventively titled workouts - Who's the Nutter on the Treadmill? is indelibly etched in my mind as one that had everyone in the gym staring.

Meanwhile, I'm getting a head start on things and have seriously got my fitness mojo happening again. Getting up at 5:30am isn't all that hard when you actually go to bed at a decent hour. (Who knew?) I've sworn off alcohol entirely for July, and probably for August as well. And I'm logging my food once again, which I never find a chore - mainly because I have most of my regular foods marked as favourites in Calorie King, and many of my usual meals saved as well. A few clicks and I'm done!

The result of all this virtuous behaviour over the past few days is a noticeable loosening of my waistband, and even better: a general feeling of wellbeing.

It's good to be back. :)


I got creative tonight and whipped up some green pancakes. Yes, GREEN. I'll share the recipe (and a photo) tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Shake, rattle and roll

Yesterday morning at 11:30-ish, I was sitting at my desk, diligently working away (or possibly reading the newspaper/surfing the net, who can remember?) when things got a little shaky.

My desk and computer monitor started to vibrate more than a little and my first thought was Man, that plane/helicopter is close! My seven-storey office building is near an airport, so we frequently have small planes and choppers flying just overhead. We're also on a main road with a lot of trucks rumbling past, so a little bit of vibration is nothing unusual. But it only took a second to realise that this, different.

I stood up and looked out the window, thinking that the predicted gale-force winds must be something really freaky, but the tree branches were just waving around in a normal kind of way. Everyone around me was also standing, or peeking over partitions and muttering versions of What the hell is THAT?

It probably lasted for less than ten seconds, but everyone was looking puzzled and/or a bit freaked out. My boss said in a casual kind of way: Huh. Must be a little earthquake, and I realised he was right. So of course, I immediately referred to the best source of current info: Twitter. Sure enough, tweets were coming in from all over Melbourne. Mostly they were variations of WTF?

I did try Geoscience Australia's website, but apparently it had crashed. Typical government service... The newspapers took a good twenty minutes to catch up, but it turns out that yes, we had an earthquake - a 4.4 centred in Korumburra, in South Gippsland. It's about 120km from Melbourne, so we were perfectly safe. In fact, seismic activity is pretty common down that way, which made it all the more funny to see interstate news services talking it up.

The Canberra Times and one of the Brisbane papers were posting headlines making it sound like a huge disaster. "No reports of injuries YET, but we'll keep you updated!" I think they were actually hoping for some collapsed CBD buildings and maybe just a few deaths, to boost sales. I even saw one online news site this morning spouting off about Australia being at increased risk of tsunamis. Give me a break!

Anyway, it made a dull day a little bit interesting. I expect today to be far more boring, and I'm OK with that. :)

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Calling all fitness & health bloggers

I've encountered some fabulous people through blogging, and have been lucky to develop enduring friendships with a few too. Blogging can be a wonderful way to meet like-minded souls, encounter new ideas or experiences and be inspired to bigger and better things in your own endeavours.

I have a small list of blogs that I read regularly. There are a variety of topics amongst them, from gardening, to decorating, to cooking, to family life, or just utter drivel that I find entertaining. But the bulk of my reading list is made up of fitness/healthy lifestyle bloggers.

It's easy to find squillions of bloggers who are located in the US and other places around the world who blog about health, exercise, nutrition and related topics. But I struggle to find many fellow Aussies with similar interests who blog regularly - apart from the many "blogs" which are nothing more than thinly disguised marketing arms for a business.

I'd really like to expand my network of fitness bloggers, so I'm putting out the call for anyone who has a real, personal blog that's even vaguely related to training, good nutrition or similar subjects, to de-lurk. If you participate in any kind of sport or fitness activity, or just have a passion for healthy living, please leave a comment. I'd love to come and check out your blog.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Still in the starting blocks

The year is half over already, and I've been so busy concentrating on everything else in my life that I've mostly let my own goals slide. I feel as though I completely missed the starting gun and I'm still sitting on the sidelines, tying up my shoelaces, while everyone else is hurtling towards the finish line. There are a whole lot of reasons for that, but most of them can be brushed aside as excuses. Fear of aggravating injuries, lack of time due to full time work and business commitments, or needing to focus on things around the house are all challenges, sure, but they're not solid steel barriers, for God's sake.

So a few days with Liz was exactly what I needed to give me a little kick in the right direction. A bit of discussion about my sticking points helped me to see just how transparent my excuses were. It gave me a bit of a jolt to realise that I've been doing an awesome job of constantly talking myself out of things that I know I should be doing - I even caught myself doing it yesterday. It's time to really refocus my attention on positive thinking, and particularly positive language. I can, I will, I am. Not I'll try, or I might, and definitely not I can't.

Getting some professional advice on where to begin with overcoming my hip, back and other problems was a huge bonus. And just quietly, being called a pussy for complaining about my DOMS following what was, after all a pretty timid workout, gave me an injection of "Oh yeah? I'll show you who's a pussy!" bravado. :p I'm absolutely determined to have my strength and fitness back to a level that I'm happy with by the close of 2011, as well as seeing further improvement in my injuries.

With half the year still to go, it's time to hit the accelerator and just get on with it. I'll be enlisting the help of Miss Liz again as my coach, and I'm excited to see what she has in store for me. OK, maybe just a little bit scared as well...

Game on!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Weekend report

I've had a lovely weekend with Miss Liz, who came down from Brisbane to pay me a visit.

We had a quiet evening in on Friday, although I made use of Liz's exercise phys and Pilates instructor skills, and had her show me some moves designed to correct a few of my worst issues. I've done Pilates classes and DVDs before, but it's WAY harder than it looks when it's taught properly. Holy moley!

We were up earlyish yesterday and Liz headed out for a walk, while I spent an hour training a client. Then we hit the gym and put in a decent little cardio and weights workout. Liz checked out my deadlift and squat technique and let's just say that I have a lot of work to do.... I'm good with that; whatever it takes to get my body working the way it's supposed to. I'm a bit fed up with my lower back taking over the work that my lazy glutes ought to be doing.

Next stop was Bridge Road where we walked our legs off shopping (well, Liz shopped while I cheered her on), before we headed down to Caulfield for the All Female Classic. We left before the end of the show for a late dinner in Lygon St, finishing off with a visit to Koko Black, where we were very restrained, savouring a single delicious truffle each for our dessert.

This morning we went back to Carlton for breakfast at the famous Brunetti.

Eggs were eaten and the selection of cakes was drooled over - figurately speaking, of course. I'm sure the staff wouldn't appreciate drool all over their amaretti, macarons, canoli and cheesecakes. I couldn't leave without buying something sweet though, so got half a dozen gorgeous macarons to take home for the family.

Next it was onto DFO at South Wharf - which, by the way, is so new I had no idea how to find it and had to get help from the map app on my phone. There was more shopping, followed by a quick lunch, and then it was time to deliver Liz to her next destination.

The weekend has flown past way too quickly. I'm really looking forward to my trip to Brissie in October to hang out with Lizzie again. Right now though, I'm about to jump on the spin bike for a quick 20-minute session before settling down with a cuppa to watch last week's Downton Abbey.

Catch you later! :)