Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bruised and battered

Seems I'm not quite as OK as I thought I was. I headed off to work yesterday and got into the usual Monday swing of things. I also entertained my colleagues by recounting the tale of my disastrous trip to the bathroom - it's amazing how something that's truly awful at the time can make a hilarious story just a short time afterwards. Hey, it's good to be able to laugh at yourself. ;)

But I found sitting at my desk extremely uncomfortable, and by 2:15 decided that I'd had enough. I came home and put myself to bed, waking up three hours later. WTF?

Last week, I'd organised a doctor's appointment for this morning - I need some repeat prescriptions and a couple of other minor things sorted - so I guess I'll be getting her to check out the damage. And I may well be taking today off work...


In spite of the soreness from shoulder to hip, and the lovely upper body DOMS that's set in as expected, I fronted up for the 6:00am RPM class this morning. Sitting on a spin bike for 50 minutes isn't particularly uncomfortable, and there's nothing wrong with my legs.

I'm sitting quite a bit under the suggested pace, but I'm fine with that. No heroics here - I need to work up to my former fitness level gradually. I'm getting plenty sweaty and my heart rate is right where it ought to be, so I know I'm not wussing out. As usual, track 6 saw me start to feel a little bit nauseous, so I backed off the resistance just a smidge and managed to get through the rest of the class without puking. That's always a good thing.

Now on with the rest of my day - which might just involve a lot of lying around on the couch.


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