Friday, July 15, 2011


Who doesn't love Fridays? :D I'm looking forward to my weekend although I don't have big plans: a little housework, maybe a nap or two, dinner with some lovely friends, finalising our holiday bookings, and just more time for training and other stuff that always has to be squeezed in between other commitments on weekdays.

This morning's training session was a bit disappointing. My sore back, from my spectacular clumsiness the other day, seems to have flared up overnight and was really impeding my workout. Back exercises were no drama at all though - it was my chest sets that were giving me grief. Getting into (and out of) position for bench presses was impossible and I had to call it quits after only two of my three sets. Then pushups were a total bust. I got through twelve on the first set and decided they were a really bad idea today.

I'm used to working around a niggly sacrum, and pretty much have that down pat, but this is higher up my spine, so maintaining neutral pelvis and bracing my TA isn't the slightest bit helpful.

I'll be resorting to four-hourly doses of Panadol to get through my day at work. But hey, it could be worse. At least I got through most of my workout, and my pants and the scales tell me that everything is going just fine in the weight loss department.


I'm having green pancakes again today - if you make them, here's a helpful little hint: DON'T skimp on the bananas, and DON'T forget the whey. If you do, they're going to taste quite a lot like... um, spinach.


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