Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting better all the time

Things have thankfully improved since yesterday, although my day ended with an urgent need to go home early and take a nice long nap. I have no idea why I was so tired, or feeling a little ill, but it seems to have passed now.

I'm having difficulty finding a comfortable position in bed, and have to resort to all kinds of gymnastics with an assortment of pillows to avoid my back being a PITA. Hopefully, that's mainly due to the total lack of support in our ancient mattress, and will be resolved when our brand, spanking new bed arrives in a few days' time.

Today being Tuesday, I fronted up for the 6:00am RPM class at my gym. I finished up a sweaty mess, but coped better than the past two weeks - I feel a bit stronger and a little bit fitter already, so hurrah!

I'm reminding myself constantly that getting back to my former fitness and strength is a gradual process, and that every little improvement needs to be celebrated. Preferably not with cake. ;)


Magda said...

If not cake, then wine ... or bubbles. Thats my advice (and I practice what I preach LOL)

Kek said...

Wine's not on my current agenda, Magda. Sometimes complete abstinence is best.

I did, however, have cake on Saturday, but not to celebrate anything, just because. :)

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