Thursday, July 07, 2011

Getting into the swing of things

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I've signed up with Lovely Liz once more for some online coaching and I'm looking forward to the contortions she's no doubt going to put me through. Who could forget plank-jacks, suicide runs, squat jumps, and some of her more inventively titled workouts - Who's the Nutter on the Treadmill? is indelibly etched in my mind as one that had everyone in the gym staring.

Meanwhile, I'm getting a head start on things and have seriously got my fitness mojo happening again. Getting up at 5:30am isn't all that hard when you actually go to bed at a decent hour. (Who knew?) I've sworn off alcohol entirely for July, and probably for August as well. And I'm logging my food once again, which I never find a chore - mainly because I have most of my regular foods marked as favourites in Calorie King, and many of my usual meals saved as well. A few clicks and I'm done!

The result of all this virtuous behaviour over the past few days is a noticeable loosening of my waistband, and even better: a general feeling of wellbeing.

It's good to be back. :)


I got creative tonight and whipped up some green pancakes. Yes, GREEN. I'll share the recipe (and a photo) tomorrow.


Cherub said...

Bed at a decent hour - does that really work? I should try it sometime!

Happy you're back.

Debstar said...

I wish you could send me your calorie controlled food, 'cause I hate cooking.

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