Sunday, July 31, 2011

Give it all you got - and then a little bit more

Liz posted yesterday about being capable of more than we think, and I took it on board this morning during a particularly challenging double training session.

Someone had set me the task of doing both an RPM class and a leg session today. I had serious doubts about whether I could do justice to the weights workout following a hard cycle class - especially since I completely hit my limit during Track 6 and spent the second half of it wondering if I'd have to make a dash out of the room to throw up. But I backed off the resistance in Track 7 to recover a bit and got through it vomit-free. Phew. I then took a few minutes after the class to sit quietly and regroup mentally.

I was feeling a little cranky and still doubtful that I was up for it - not helped by having to remove 200kg of plates from the leg press before I could start my high-rep circuit session. :/ But I dug deep and put in a really good effort, and finished exhausted but satisfied.

Normally, I'd have considered that I was completely trashed after an RPM class, but apparently not so... Don't anyone tell Coach though, or she'll be setting me even bigger challenges in future. ;)

Now, though? NOW I'm completely trashed, after doing loads of washing, running to the shops for a few essential groceries and doing a spot of weeding and pruning. I'm retiring to the couch for the next hour or two and doing nothing more strenuous than turning the pages of a magazine.

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