Monday, July 04, 2011

Still in the starting blocks

The year is half over already, and I've been so busy concentrating on everything else in my life that I've mostly let my own goals slide. I feel as though I completely missed the starting gun and I'm still sitting on the sidelines, tying up my shoelaces, while everyone else is hurtling towards the finish line. There are a whole lot of reasons for that, but most of them can be brushed aside as excuses. Fear of aggravating injuries, lack of time due to full time work and business commitments, or needing to focus on things around the house are all challenges, sure, but they're not solid steel barriers, for God's sake.

So a few days with Liz was exactly what I needed to give me a little kick in the right direction. A bit of discussion about my sticking points helped me to see just how transparent my excuses were. It gave me a bit of a jolt to realise that I've been doing an awesome job of constantly talking myself out of things that I know I should be doing - I even caught myself doing it yesterday. It's time to really refocus my attention on positive thinking, and particularly positive language. I can, I will, I am. Not I'll try, or I might, and definitely not I can't.

Getting some professional advice on where to begin with overcoming my hip, back and other problems was a huge bonus. And just quietly, being called a pussy for complaining about my DOMS following what was, after all a pretty timid workout, gave me an injection of "Oh yeah? I'll show you who's a pussy!" bravado. :p I'm absolutely determined to have my strength and fitness back to a level that I'm happy with by the close of 2011, as well as seeing further improvement in my injuries.

With half the year still to go, it's time to hit the accelerator and just get on with it. I'll be enlisting the help of Miss Liz again as my coach, and I'm excited to see what she has in store for me. OK, maybe just a little bit scared as well...

Game on!


Kerry W said...

Be very afraid! :P

Cherub said...

That first paragraph sounds so familiar. Positive language makes so much difference.

Word verification - ovals, maybe there's are few laps coming up for you!! (or me) lol

Kek said...

Ha! Good thing I know you're kidding, Kerry!

Claire, we're both going hard from here on in - deal?

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